Childlessness in astrology

Rahu- the curse of karma

Children are important in the life of most of the married individual. Child brings happiness in the life of a couple. A child is a celebration in a married life and bring different responsibility in married life. But it also happens that many couples are without child and they need a child in their life. There are a number of astrological factor that indicates childlessness in astrology. In astrology, it is also believed that curse of our previous life karma lead to negative combination of planets in this birth. Unfavorable karmas are responsible for those curses.

Factors that are responsible for childlessness

A person will be without son if Jupiter, the lord of ascendant and lord of 5th house are weak or devoid of strength.

If Rahu, mars, sun and Saturn are strong in 5th house and if Jupiter and lord of fifth house is devoid of strength .

So, a person can be devoid of child if 5th house or 5th house lord is afflicted or weak. S/he can also devoid of child if Jupiter being the karaka of child is weak. It could be the karma of a person to be childless.

Other factors

  1. The person can be devoid of child if Rahu conjoins or aspects with lord of the 5th house. Moon with Saturn in 5th house can also give childlessness. If Mars conjoins or aspects Rahu in 5th house, it indicates childlessness.
  2. When Rahu aspects or conjoins Jupiter and lord of the 5th house is weak or devoid of strength and lord of ascendant is with Mars.
  3. If karaka Jupiter is with Mars, if the ascendant or rising sign has Rahu and lord of 5th house is in 6th, 8th and 12th house.
  4. Mercury being lord of 5th house is hemmed by malefics or placed in navamsa of Mars and conjoins Mars while ascendant or rising sign is occupied by Rahu and Gulika.
  5. The 5th house is Aries and Scorpio zodiac sign and Rahu or mercury associates with the lord of 5th house.
  6. The 5th house is occupied by Rahu, Saturn, Sun, mars, Mercury, jupiter and the lord of 5th house is weak or devoid of strength.
  7. The lord of the ascendant or Jupiter associates with Rahu and lord of the fifth house is conjunct with Mars.

But the most common factor that contribute to childlessness is Rahu and Mars. Influence of Rahu and mars on Jupiter, 5th house, 5th lord or the ascendant contribute to childlessness. Rahu being the serpent and mars being the ruler of Scorpio whose sign is a reptile also carries significance in that way. The conjunction does not only include childlessness or we cannot conclude only through the conjunction that the native can never have a child. The conjunction can also indicates accident, unusual way of conceiving or delivering child, illness and injuries to child. The propensity depends on the tune of entire horoscope.

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