Dasamsa chart and importance of Dasamsa

Tenth house is the second significant house in birth chart after ascendant. It is the second most important house and the Dasamsa is the  divisional chart of tenth house and hence the name Dasamsa. Here is the detailed analysis of Dasamsa chart and importance of Dasamsa in career and success of the native.

Dasamsa is derived from the word Das meaning ten and amsa meaning division. The dasamsa chart doesn’t signify what the person is capable of doing but shows that actually what they are going to do in life. Saturn is the atmakaraka of Dasamsa.

The amatyakaraka planet is the nature of work the person will do and darakaraka is the financial position in terms of career. The tenth house is the most important karma house in Dasamsa. 

The karakas

The four Karaka of tenth house of Dasamsa are

Mercury Mercury is the planet of learning and skills. It is the primary Karaka of tenth house.
Sun gives job based on abilities. So mercury needs to give abilities so that Sun can provide a job.
Saturn is hard work and effort. It represents our labor and hard work.
jupiter is the fruits of work.

The karaka of sixth house in Dasamsa is Saturn that shows service industry. The Karaka of Seventh house is mercury that shows business. So there is always a battle between Saturn and Mercury. One wants service and other wants business.

Trikona houses

Trikona 1 5 9 are houses dharma trikona houses shows self, subordinates and bosses respectively

Artha trikona houses are 10, 2 and 6 shows work, resources and assistance

Kama trikona houses are 7 11 and 3 shows business, gains and agreements

Moksha trikona houses are 4 8 and 12 shows office retirement,  journey

Exalted planet or debilated planet but with canceled debilitation gives great success to the native.If mercury is in fire sign, such people easily succeed by writing books. Saturn in fire sign shows they can be secretary, assistant etc.

Houses of Dasamsa and meaning

First house

First house of Dasamsa shows reputation, ideals and principles. Ideals are high on water signs like cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. whereas Principles are high on fiery sign like Aries, Leo, Sagittarius.
It is the house of self, fame while lord of first house shows shows attitudes or motives towards work or business.

Second house

Second house of Dasamsa shows finance, wealth (can also be opportunities, resources ) and money. The earth sign has lot of wealth whereas water sign has no wealth. The second house with wind sign shows opportunities and earth sign shows money. Water sign shows less money. It is the house that shows things we own.

The second house is the house of investment while lord of second house shows sources of investment.

Third house

Third house of Dasamsa is the house of enterprise, vacation, leave.
It is the house of agreements and communication while the lord of third house shows short journey, transport.

Fourth house

Fourth house of Dasamsa represents work environment. Moon in fourth house shows work from home. Fourth lord in tenth house also shows work from home. Jupiter in fourth house shows lots of woods near workplace. Fourth house is the house of property , office location while the lord of the fourth house shows the personal secretary.

Fifth house

Fifth house is the house of knowledge and subordinates. Sun in fifth house shows good knowledge on politics. Jupiter in fifth house shows knowledge on spirituality and mantra. Malefic planets in fifth house shows problem in workspace due to subordinates whereas malefic in ninth house shows problem due to bosses.
The fifth house is the house of all employees and the lord of the fifth house shows immediate subordinates.

Sixth house

Sixth house of Dasamsa is the house of services, staffs, jobs and who to work for the house represents labor.
The sixth house is the house of staff function while lord of sixth house shows the enemies causing damage.

Seventh house

Seventh house is the house of partnership and self employment. It is the house that shows the people we work with.
The seventh house is the house of business, types of trades and commerce while the lord of seventh house shows if one will get any partners in business and workspace.

Eighth house

Eighth house shows retirements, loans, insurance. This is the house that shows when we should stop working. The eighth house is the house of loans and debts while the lord of eighth house shows unforeseen troubles, insurance claims.

Ninth house

Ninth house is the house of guide, boss and teacher. The house indicates whom should we listen to. The ninth house is the house of government laws and international while the lord of ninth house shows advisers, guides, consultants.

Tenth house

Tenth house shows status, success, work. It is the house of status, success and how the status is defined by work. The tenth house is the house of chairman, leaders while the lord of the sixth house shows personal success.

Eleventh house

Eleventh house is the house of colleagues, friends, resources. The house shows if the person will get any support from the resources. Eleventh house is the house of gains and profits while the lord of the seventh house shows satisfaction and friends.

Twelfth house

Twelfth house is the house of expenses, foreign, freedom. It is the house of responsibilities and liabilities. The twelfth house is the house of expenditure, losses while lord of twelfth house shows secret enemies.

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