Debilitated Jupiter or Afflicted Jupiter in astrology

Jupiter represents wealth, knowledge, wisdom, family, celebration, children, marriage, education, spirituality, religious acts, life force. Here is the detailed analysis of debilitated Jupiter or afflicted Jupiter in astrology

Debilitated Jupiter in astrology

Jupiter is debilitated in Capricorn because Jupiter is all about wisdom and sharing knowledge while Capricorn is law and order. So Jupiter as a guru and teacher has limited capacity to spread his knowledge and wisdom as it needs to follow law and order. So Jupiter is uncomfortable in this position. The native sometimes becomes selfish while sharing his wisdom. If he doesn’t get anything in return the native may stay away from sharing knowledge. This crushes the satvic nature of Jupiter. The native strives for rewards and recognition by hiding his wisdom and knowledge and not sharing with others. The native needs to understand that sharing knowledge would help the native to gain wealth. As Jupiter is weak the native may have low moral and can also get into extra marital affairs. At the same time, the native may lie to people.

If Jupiter is in uttarashada nakshatra the position of Sun will impact the action of Jupiter. When Jupiter is in Shravana nakshatra the position of moon will impact the position of Jupiter. In dhanistha nakshatra the position of Mars will impact Jupiter. But as all the nakshatra lord are friendly to Jupiter the good position of those planet may improve the action of Jupiter.

Placement of dipositor that is Saturn plays a key role in understanding the action of Jupiter.

Afflicted Jupiter in astrology

An afflicted planet means the inability of a planet to give good result or hindrance in giving good result.

Jupiter can be afflicted by natural malefics. Jupiter is afflicted when a malefic planet aspect or conjunct with Jupiter. The main malefic planet that can impact Jupiter are Rahu, Ketu, Saturn. Jupiter can control all the malefic when aspected or conjunct but the karakatwas of Jupiter will decrease. The planet Jupiter will be more like a teacher who would control the malefic from doing any wrong activities but at the mean time Jupiter may forget to contribute it’s own characteristics.

Jupiter can also be afflicted when it is functional malefic or if any functional malefics aspect jupiter.

So here are the below details of affliction of jupiter

Jupiter afflicted by Rahu

The native may have low moral. S/he can be selfish and may have bad reputation. The native has problem with husband, son and father. The native may have unusual marriage in good or bad way. At the same time, the native may have unconventional approach or confusion about religion and philosophy. The native may have know it all attitudes. In terms of disease, the native may suffer from ear infection or hearing problem, pancreas, liver problems and diabetes.

Jupiter afflicted by Ketu

The native becomes very spiritual. But as Ketu is a negative planet who strive for moksha and enlightenment and taking away material things, Ketu is not so favorable in this era. So native with Ketu and Jupiter conjunction can be very spiritual. But at the same time, the native hates to take responsibilities of activities related to the house as he believes it to be illusion.

Jupiter afflicted by Saturn

The native can be in delusion of pessimism and optimism. Sometimes the native is too much energetic and sometimes the native is pessimistic and give up easily. At the same time as both the planets are strong planet in vedic astrology so placement matters. If Jupiter is strong the characteristics of Jupiter will be more and vice versa. The native is wise, disciplined and structured.

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