Diseases caused by planets in Vedic astrology

Diseases caused by planets in Vedic astrology

Health is one of the most important aspect of human life. Whenever a horoscope is analysed, it is important to check the health and longevity of a person. Then the entire analysis regarding her familoy and professional life can be done. The trik, dustana or evil houses (6th,8th,12th) and planets related to the house plays an important role in deciding the health of the native. Sixth house decides the lower abdomen problem, Eighth house represents chronic diseases and twelfth house represents hospitalization. Here is the detailed analysis of diseases caused by planets in Vedic astrology.

Considering elements of Astrology

1.Vat/ Air elements produce complains of air, gas, neurological disorder, joint pains.

2. Pitta/Fire element causes heat, fever, inflammation, gall bladder or liver disorder.

3. Kapha/ Water element causes cold,cough, fever, respiratory ailments, asthma.

Consideration of evil and Trik houses

  1. Trik houses and their lord are adverse for health.
  2. Second and seventh house are death inflicting houses and can cause health problems and death. They are also known as Maraka house.
  3. The eighth house represents longevity and also indicates death. Whenever eighth house gets activated through dasha/mahadasha and if the planets or lord of eighth house are weak, the native can suffer from health problem.
  4. The part or organ of the body represented by the zodiac/sign in sixth house of horoscope is particularly prone to disease.
  5. Retrograde planets cause ill health.

Diseases caused by each planet


Sun is a fire element so a weak sun indicates poor health. The planet Sun rules the fifth house and also signifies heart and bone. So, weak Sun can give heart and bone diseases . A weak Sun can also cause bone decay, injury, stomach disorder, fevers, epilepsy, fire hazards.


Moon is water element and rules the fourth house. It represents mind, body fluid, chest, lungs. However, weak moon shows emotional instability and unstable mind. An afflicted or weak moon can also give diseases like tuberculosis, psychiatrics problem, emotional disturbances, breast or lung diseases. It can also cause menstrual disorder, depression, suicidal tendencies, anxiety, cold, fever, lack of appetite and sleep.


It is a combination of fire, water element and is also a very sharp planet. Mercury can cause skin, nervous disorder, abusive or impaired speech. Mercury can also cause throat problem, asthma, nervous problem, impotency or mental disorder.


It is water and air element. Jupiter rules over body fat, gall bladder, spleen, pancreas, appendix etc. So it can cause diseases related to those organs. It can cause hearing problem, cough, jaundice, liver problems, obesity, anemia, spleen disorder etc. At the same time, a strong Jupiter can mitigate all the evil or ill effects of health.


Venus is water element. It rules urinary and sexual system, siemens, ovaries, kidneys, prostates, testis etc. So, it can cause diseases related to those organs. A weak Venus can cause hormonal disorder, diabetes, gall bladder stone, venereal diseases and diseases of sexual organs.


Saturn is a slow moving planet representing air element. So, Saturn can give chronic and incurable diseases. It rules legs, lymphatic nervous system, rectum, colon etc. Saturn can cause long term diseases like paralysis, tumor, cancer, malnutrition, fatigue. It can also cause gas and acidity, exhaustion, depression, sadness, loneliness and melancholy.


Rahu is similar to Saturn. It can cause chronic and incurable diseases like paralysis. It can also cause pain or injury in leg, insanity, phobias, chronic boils, ulcers, poisoning or snakebite.


It can give diseases that are difficult to diagnose. The diseases are generally mysterious and incurable. Ketu can cause accident, surgery. At the same time, it can also give diseases related to Rahu.

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