Drekkana chart/ Dreshkamsa chart

Drekkana chart/ D3 chart/Dreshkamsa chart
The world is “D” on both side, D3 🙂

Drekkana chart/ Dreshkamsa chart is the chart for younger siblings, bravery, diseases, sudden onset, hands, creativity, past birth and present life, nature. There are 36 dreshkana as there are 12 signs. For brother we see planet mars and for sister primarily venus and then mercury. So as per brihat parashar hora shastra from ascendant lord to third house the number of planets is the number of siblings we have. But this is not applicable always. So here is the detailed analysis on how to check Drekkana chart/ Dreshkamsa chart.

Drekkana chart/ D3 chart

As dreshkana is 1/3 of 30 degree of each sign so suppose if your ascendant is pisces at 17 degree then first dreshkana is Pisces, next is cancer and third is Scorpio. So the ascendant is cancer. If ascendant is 26 degree so the ascendant for dreshkana is scorpio. Dreshkana chart shows attitude, overall shape of body and nature. D10 is the karma and the action we execute to perform karma is d3 chart.

Then we need to check whether it is chara rashi, sthira rashi and what characteristics the rashi has. If ketu is in third house then one may not have siblings. Even if they have they may not have good connection. Then need to check the zodiac where ketu is placed. Debilitated mars or venus in third and eleventh house may show less connection with siblings. Whatever be the ascendant lord the trine zodiac in the d1 chart will be dreshkana.

To check elder sibling , the third lord must have connection with eleventh lord, lagna and lagna lord. To check younger sibling the eleventh lord must have connection with ascendant and ascendant lord and third lord. You can also check step brother/sister through chart of mother if you check moon and connection of moon with third and eleventh lord. From d3 chart it is also nature of individual.

The first, fifth and ninth house from a rashi are its three dreshkamsha

First dreshkana

First dreshkana (0-10 degree) is called narad dreshkana. Narad was very intelligent , spiritual and a great traveller, he has great intutive power. So person with narad dreshkana has characteristics of narad.
For example : A Pisces ascendant has lagna at 7 degree then their ascendant in dreshkana is pisces and it is called first dreshkana.

Second dreshkana

Second dreshkana (10 to 20 degree) is called agastya dreshkana. Agastya was a spiritual guru and has the capacity to change nature. As per mythology, vindhyachal parvat started to rise arrogantly and challenged suryadev that it will eclipse sun. So, all deities went to agastya rishi as vindhyachal was his disciple. So as Agastya approached towards vindhyachal, vindhyachal bowed down and immediately Agastya rishi ordered vindhyachal to stay in same position for entire life. Currently, the mountain’s shape appears bent.

Another mythology about a king known as Sagar, had 16000 sons. All the sons of the king were harassing everyone in devlok and so everyone approached Agastya rishi . So as soon as Agastya rishi approached all 16000 sons went under water . Agastya ordered the ocean to bring them out but the oceans denied so Agastya muni drink the entire ocean and with his capability he burned the ocean along with king Sagar’s sons. So everyone requested Agastya muni that they cannot survive without water. Agastya muni passed his urine. There is a belief that urine of Agastya muni made the sea water salty . Agastya dreshkana people are aggressive, independent, stubborn and also live on their own ethics.

For example : if you are Pisces ascendant and your lagna is at 17 degree then your ascendant in dreshkana is cancer and your nature will be like second dreshkana or agastya dreshkana

Third dreshkana

Third dreshkana (20 to 30 degree) is called durbasha dreshkana. Durbasha dreshkana people are very hot nature, impulsive, aggressive, helpful and involved in social activities. They know how to take out things from others politically.

For example : if you are Pisces ascendant and your lagna is at 27 degree then your ascendant in dreshkana is scorpio and your nature will be like third dreshkana or durbasha dreshkana.

Planets from 0 degree to 3 deg 20″ are called dev dreshkana. Person will be spiritual, helping other, reap fruits. From 3deg 20″ to 6deg 40″ are nara dreshkana. The person needs to put effort to gain result. from 6 deg 40″ to 10 deg are krur drehskana. The person will be harsh or criminal mentality. The negative aspect of dreshkana is also for diseases and type for death. Khara dreshkana also called 22nd dreshkana is used to see health of the native which is 8th from ascendant. Kharesh is very important to check health status of person. Here it shows the nature of the person. The d3 chart shows how the world perceive you. Any planet in third house in d1 chart controlled by ketu shows less or bad connection with siblings. The personal life of an individual is d30.

If venus or jupiter in third house than it shows siblings is in foreign land or if the person has no sibling than jupiter in third house will take him to foreign land. Any planet in third house ruled by ketu nakshatra gives less or no connection with sibling. Connection of ketu with jupiter than shows spiritual activity with sibling. If saturn in third house than shows less emotional attachment with sibling or the person strive for love of sibling but never gets it. In D3 if Jupiter rules Saturn then during the jupiter md/ad the siblings connection may improve and the native may reap the result.

How to see no sibling?

If in third house there is a planet like, mercury, sun or ketu then native may not have sibling. At the same time need to see Jupiter placement. If ketu is in 8th house which is sixth from third house then the person may not have sibling or even if they have it will be like staying alone. If mars is in 11th house then they have good connectivity with brother. if Saturn or mercury in fifth house then they find difficulty in conceiving children and they may have no bliss from children. Then we can check ashtakvarga of drekkana chart to see the strength of house.

We can also superimpose d1 chart with d3 chart to check the result. If in d1 chart we have scorpio and in d3 chart we have libra ascendant. In d3 chart 12th lord is ascendant lord so it indicates losses/expenses for sibling. Sibling will get more benefit from the native.

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