Retrograde planet

Retrograde planet

What is a retrograde planet?

Retrograde planets in Vedic astrology are the planets that has maximum impact on person life. A planet is called retrograde when a planet moves anticlockwise and in opposite or backward direction. The sun and moon always moves in direct motion and rahu ketu are always in retrograde motion.
The other five planets namely, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn have seemingly retrograde motion though scientifically the planet always moves in forward direction. That particular planet at that particular time is called retrograde planet.
Retrograde planets are the planets that appear as if they were moving backward when seen from the earth’s standpoint . During the time of birth of the native, retrograde planets appear going to be moving backward from earth.

How to find retrograde planet?

The symbolic representation of retrograde planet is () sign. For example The symbolic representation of mars as retrograde planet is Mars(R) or Mars (Rx).

How retrograde planet works?

When a planet is retrograde the planet is more close to earth and so it has its maximum impact. Most astrologers believe that a retrograde planet works in a slightly different way than normal planet. The result produced by retrograde planet may create some confusion at the beginning of the dasha but in the long run retrograde planet almost gives same result as normal planet. So, during the dasha of the planet a person may behave in a different way towards the activities related to the house at the beginning and then the confusion get cleared. The energy flow of a retrograde planet is not proficient than a normal planet.

Exalted and debilitated retrograde planet

An exalted retrograde planet will give the same result as exalted planet. The only issue is during the starting of the dasha an exalted retrograde planet may create some confusion and person may react differently to the activities related to the house. But as retrograde planet has a maximum impact on a person life so the result improves with time. And vice versa for debilitated planet.

Retrograde planet and karma

Retrograde planet are often known as vakri graha generally shows that there are some unfulfilled desire or pending karma of the past that needs to be fulfilled in this life. It also shows that some karmic lesson regarding the activities of the house related to that planet may needed to be learnt.

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