First lord in first house/ 1st lord in 1st house

First lord in first house/ 1st lord in 1st house

First house represents self, physique, personality, overall health, life path.
When first lord is in first house it means the planet that controls the 1st house or ascendant is placed in 1st house. It means the entire focus of the person throughout life is on himself.

The person is always concerned about his looks, life path and taking care of himself. They strive hard for advancing in their life. When a planet is in good position in first house, it always provides strength to the house.

So if first lord is in first house, the strength of first house will increase. So if the native falls sick, the native will recover quickly. A benefic planet in first house always bless the native to advance in life path and growth.

Different planets in first house

Now lets see how different planet behave differently as ascendant lord


Leo ascendant has sun in 1st house. The person gains authority in life and love to be treated as king or queen. He can feel humiliated if someone ignores his words. They want appreciation and loves to be praised by others. As they have a dominating nature it is always better for them to have their own business or work as they cannot take orders due to high ego. The position can bring fame during Sun mahadasha if the person works hard.


Moon rules the first house for cancer ascendant people. The person is emotional, nourishing and caring. They have a balanced emotion as moon is strong in its own sign . This person wants to be caring and sharing but the person can be easily hurt due to others opinions and views. Hence the negative aspects of the placement shows the person can be always worried about others thoughts and this can lead to emotional stress.


Mars can be ascendant through its two signs which are Aries and Scorpio

Aries: They are action oriented and active personality. They are strong willed and don’t mind taking orders from others. They are courageous and can fight all odds of life. It shows they may face sudden events and transformation as Mars rule the 8th house but they can overcome all the difficulties of life to achieve the desired goal.

Scorpio: If mars is in sign of Scorpio in ascendant shows that they are secretive people. They can also achieve their goal but they would do it secretly. They don’t like their life to come out in public. As Mars also rules the sixth house of disease and obstacles the native can face a lot of obstacles in life. But as per kalpurush kundali 1st house is the original house of mars so the person has a lot of martian energy and can overcome all obstacles with strong determination.

Mercury :

Mercury can be ascendant through its two signs.

Gemini: They are very communicative. They are full of ideas, fun loving and playful. Mercury also rules the 4th sign that shows the personality of the native can be greatly impacted due to mother. They can also deal with real estates but position of mars needs to be considered for real estate.

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Virgo: Mercury is in its own as well as exalted sign. They are analytical, practical, perfectionist and critical. They will always look at the benefit spouse brings to them. On the other hand, they are career oriented as mercury rules the 10th house of career. They can be good managers and serious in nature.


Venus can also be ruler through its two sign Taurus and Libra

Taurus: They are all about beauty, luxury and conveyance of life. They are beautiful and worry about their physique. Money always matters for them as they always want luxuries in life. Venus rules the sixth house of diseases and obstacles so such people can always face disease related to sugar and kidney but they get healed quickly.

Libra: They are all about relationships and love to lead a luxurious life. As Venus rules the 8th house of transformations such people can face sudden transformations in life but they can come out easily as Venus is strong in ascendant. They can have very high desire of leading a luxurious life.

Jupiter :

Jupiter rules the houses through its two signs

Sagittarius: They are philosophical and religious. They also want to guide people through philosophy and religion. Jupiter in Ascendant can give obesity to the native. The mother of the native plays a great role in impacting the personality of the native. It also shows gain of wealth from mother and home. The mother of the native helped to develop philosophy and religious instinct in the native.
Pisces: The native is all about spirituality. As Jupiter rules the 10th house, such people can also choose their career field in spirituality. Father of the native molds the personality of the native. They can also be real spiritual Gurus.

Saturn :

Saturn can be ascendant through its two signs

Capricorn: The person attains everything through hard work and struggle. They have to struggle a lot especially till 36. They have to put a lot of effort to achieve success in life. As Saturn rules the second house, it also shows that only effort can help them to achieve wealth in life. They can prosper more in their own work or business. On the other hand, they can also suffer from joint pains during Saturn MD and AD.

Aquarius: As Saturn is in its own moolatrikona sign such people are always about upliftment of others. They have innovative ideas but those ideas are only to make life more convenient. At the same time, they can lead large organization or can lead large groups of people for higher goals of life. They can also work in large organization in foreign land.


Rahu can be ascendant lord through its sign Aquarius co-ruled by Saturn. So here we need to look at Saturn position to conclude about Rahu. They can be in scientific and technical research for improvement of society. They can be great scientist and innovators. However, they can be illusive about themselves and others in early part of life and no one can know them well.


To analyse ketu in Scorpio as ascendant first we need to look at the position of Mars. They can be psychic as Ketu is the karaka of occult and mysticism. They can be intuitive occult practitioners and can look through the soul of people. At the same time, they can suffer from lack of ego and confidence. Other people must help them to realize their self worth.

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