How important are degrees in horoscope

Degrees in horoscope

Today we are going to read how important are degrees in horoscope. Every planet in horoscope has certain degree. Degrees are very important as it helps to analyze how much strength a planet has.

As discussed previously each zodiac sign in a horoscope is 30 degree long. So every new year (14th January in India) Sun enters the Aries sign. Sun is at 0 degree so everyday it moves by 1 degree. In 30 days 1 degree*30=30 degree. So in a month sun moves 30 degree so 360 degree it covers in 360/30=12 months.

So when a person is born after five days of new year Sun is at 5 degree. Like that every planet has its own calculations. In horoscope the symbol (D) is for direct moving planet and (R) for retrograde planet.

When you calculate retrograde planet like Rahu and ketu and if they are at 27 degree as they are retrograde calculate it as 30-27=3 degree.

Now let’s see the degrees in horoscope:

At 0 degree

If a planet is at 0 degree, it shows the planet just entered the sign. The planet is weak till the native reaches 30. After 30, the planet gains strength and starts giving the result.

Between 0 to 1 degree

A planet at 0 to 1 degree is called infants and it gains strength after the age of 30.

Between 1 to 5 degree

It is called teenage of the planet, planet at 1 to 5 degree is alive and can handle responsibilities like a teenager in their young age.

Between 6 to 17 degree

It is called the adult stage of the planet who are ready to take up challenges and can perform in best ways.

Between 18 to 25 degree

It is mature stage of planet and planets are much matured now. The planets will behave wisely.

Between 26 to 29.99 degree

The planets loose strength and malefic works best here. Malefic at 0 to 1 degree or at 26 to 29.99 degree gives good result as they loose their malefic strength.

Degrees effect the conjunction and display of the planet.

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