How planets cause illness

planet cause illness

As discussed in the previous session of medical astrology, how the planets cause illness and the type of diseases caused by each planet. In this article, I am going to mention the placements of the planets. Before you proceed with this article you can read my previous article: Diseases caused by planet in vedic astrology to get a better idea.

Here are the list of few placement of planets that can cause illness
  1. Any malefics, sun, mars, rahu, ketu, saturn in fifth or eleventh house causes stomach problem.
  2. Sun is for vision, sun in second house causes right eye problem and in twelfth house causes left eye problem, if aspected by malefic like Mars, rahu, Saturn, it can also cause severe eye problem.
  3. Jupiter represents sound element. Third house and eleventh house represents left ear and right ear respectively. An afflicted Jupiter (especially afflicted by mars or saturn) in third and eleventh house causes hearing problem.
  4. The sixth or eighth lord in seventh house can cause kidney problem or genital problem.
  5. The sixth lord in eighth causes kidney or genital problem.
  6. Moon in sixth or eighth house can cause spleen problem.
  7. Moon in eighth house can make people suffer from too much sleep and laziness.
  8. Mars or ketu in 8th house can cause accident, injury and danger to life.
  9. Malefics especially Mars in 8th house can cause piles.
  10. Mars or other malefic in 6th house causes blood pressure.
  11. Jupiter in evil houses can cause asthma, tuberculosis,cough.
  12. Saturn in 6th or 8th house causes acidity.
  13. Venus in 6th or 8th house can cause sexual, urinary disorder.
  14. Affliction to moon or mercury can cause nervous disorder.

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