Timing of job in Vedic astrology

Timing of job in Vedic astrology

Job hunting is a rigorous task. This is a million dollar question and many people depends on astrology to predict an accurate time for getting a job. This is a very honest opinion which I want to share before you proceed with the below points. No astrologer can tell about the date and time of your job unless they have a strong divine connection. Some may give future date and escape. Most of the astrologers tell you about the opportunities of getting a job . And opportunities vary from one country to other. Now below are the detailed analysis in timing of job in Vedic astrology

Timing of First Job

1st house

First house is your self and personality so you need to involve yourself for getting a job.

10th house

Tenth house is the house of career and authority. So it is one of the important house to be considered while getting a job.

11th house

Eleventh house is the house of gains and income. So even during transit if 11th house activates the person can get hike/promotion. So improvement in gains can show getting a job

6th house

Sixth house is the house of daily work and service. It is our daily routine life. So as we go to job daily, sixth house should be considered.

Mahadasha and Antardasha (MD/AD)/ Transits

Mahadasha and antardasha plays an important part in our career. Whatever Mahadasha we go through, the characteristics of the planet shows the career we will choose. For example: If someone is running a Jupiter Mahadasha , the person can be a teacher / preacher. Mahadasha also plays an important role in rise of career, status.

Transits also plays an important role. So the transits of the planet of MD/AD should activate those houses: 1st, 6th, 10th, 11th. It is not necessary that Mahadasha should belong to those houses even antardasha planet transiting or activating the houses can also bring job opportunity but the dasha should be 10 to 12 months to make any remarkable impact. Activation of first house through dasha and transit can give rise to overall life.

While calculating the transit it should be kept in mind that if transit takes place in weak sign (for example venus transiting in virgo), the person may get less opportunity in work or in getting a job or s/he can also be fired.The transits work more in a job than business or entrepreneurship.

Predicting change of job

9th house: As 9th house is 12th from 10th, the person can loose job. So 9th house, planets there and 9th house lord is important.

5th house: 5th house is 8th from 10th. So 8th from 10th means change in career, so planets in 8th house or lord of the house plays an important role.

Mahadasha and antardasha

If a person is going through dasha of 5th and 9th house, it means the person left one job and joined another. If a person runs only through the dasha of ninth house, it means loss of job, and the person may find it difficult to get another job.

Transits of planet

If the transits of planet with long duration (like jupiter, saturn, rahu-ketu) directly impact 5th and 9th house than also it indicates change of job.

If the 10th lord transit through 8th house than also there can be change in career but how much fruitful the change of career will be depend on the sign. For example if saturn transits through Aries in 8th house than the person may get a job but s/he may not be able to hold the job for a long time.

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