Ishta Devta in astrology

Ishta devta is the god/goddess in astrology whose worship can become extra beneficial to the person. Ishta devta is very different from kul devta. Kul devta is the only one devta which whole family worship whereas ishta devta is the devta for specific individual. Every individuaal has their own ishta devta. Ishta means cherished whereas devta means god. So ishta devta is the most cherished god or favored god of an individual whose worship can be extra beneficial to the person.

How to find ishta devta of a person?

To find ista devta in astrology you need to follow the following steps:

1st step: Check the atmakaraka in birth chart. Atmakaraka is the planet with highest degree in a horoscope. Remember , do not consider rahu and ketu as atmakaraka even they have highest degree. The planet with highest degree from sun to saturn except rahu and ketu is atmakaraka.

2nd step. Go to the d9 chart and look at the position of atmaraka. We are checking d9 divisional chart because d9 chart is the expansion of the ninth house of d1 chart which is the house of religion and god.

3rd step: check the 12th house from atmakaraka. The twelfth house from atmakaraka is the house of ishta devta. For example if your atmakaraka is mercury placed in 2nd house in the sign of pisces than twelfth house from pisces is Aquarius sign.

4th step: follow the rules below to check who is your ishta devta:

A planet in 12th house from atmakaraka in d9, god related to that house becomes your ishta deveta.

If there are multiple planet in 12th house from atmakaraka in d9, then choose the planet with highest in dignity according to the following order: exalted/mooltrikona/own/friendly/neutral/enemy/debilitated. God related to that planet is your ishta devta.

If there are no planets in 12th house from atmakaraka in d9 , then consider the lord of the sign in 12th house as ishta devta.

Ishta devta for nine planets: After finding the planet as discussed, we need to find out which planet is related to which god. given below are the details:

Sun: Vishnu/Rama/Shiva
moon: Krishna/Shiva/Parvati
Mars: Hanuman/Subramanya/Shri Narasimha
Mercury: Vishnu
Jupiter: Vishnu/Bamana/dattareya/Sai baba
Venus: Maa Laksmi/ Parsuram/Maa gouri
Saturn: Shanidev/Hanuman/Kurma/Shiva/Vishnu
Rahu: Maa durga/ varaha
ketu: Ganesh/matasya

Finally my opinion is not to pray to gain something pray for wisdom and knowledge, the rest of the path opens automatically. Post your comment, queries here.

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