Jupiter in all houses

Jupiter in all houses

Jupiter is one of the largest planet in solar system. It is also one of the most benefic planet in vedic astrology. The planet Jupiter represents wealth, knowledge, optimism, wisdom, family, celebration, children, marriage, education, spirituality. Jupiter is exalted in cancer and debilitated in Capricorn. The planet rules Sagittarius and Pisces. A strong Jupiter helps to achieve goals easily. When placed in Gemini or Virgo shows that the person needs to work hard to gain the energy of Jupiter. Jupiter may not give a large inflow of money but it is known for fortune of wisdom and when wisdom comes happiness follows. Jupiter gains directional strength when it is placed in Ascendant or lagna. The nakshatra owned by Jupiter are Punarvasu, Visakha and Purvabhadra. Here is the detailed analysis of Jupiter in all houses in Vedic astrology

Jupiter in first house/ Jupiter in 1st house

In first house Jupiter gets directional strength. As first house is also one of the quadrant house, it is a good placement of Jupiter. First house is the house of personality and life path. As Jupiter is jeeva karaka, Jupiter in first house gives long life to the person.  Jupiter is devguru so s/he tends to be honest, educated, philosophical and spiritual. S/he always seeks knowledge & wisdom. S/he is a good reader and respected by people in community. At the same time, s/he will instill wisdom in children as Jupiter aspects the fifth house. S/he can also be good managers, lawyers, doctors, counselors.

Jupiter is husband so in a woman chart , she will look for wisdom from husband. Jupiter in first house forms a very auspicious yoga called hamsa yoga. Hamsa yoga is formed when Jupiter is in its own sign or in its exalted sign in first house. The result of Jupiter will be effected if Jupiter is placed with malefic planets especially rahu and ketu. When Jupiter is debilitated in the sign of capricorn the result may be negligible or during mahadasha of Jupiter the life of the native may be still. There may not be much highs and lows.

Jupiter in second house/ Jupiter in 2nd house

Second house is the house of speech, family values, accumulated wealth, movable assets. Jupiter in second house gives pleasant speech and can make them good writer. Jupiter is significator of second, fifth, ninth and eleventh house. But as second house is a maraka house, Jupiter tends to be a bit uncomfortable in this house so the wealth & fortune may be limited unless Jupiter is in its own sign or exalted in the sign of cancer.

When Jupiter is in a comfortable sign, Jupiter tends to give wealth. Jupiter inflates the image of the native. The native is  intelligent & good looking. When Jupiter is afflicted with malefic planets like rahu, ketu or Saturn ,s/he may face financial losses or obstruction in education. S/he may not be friendly and loss of wealth may be a concern for the person. The fifth aspect of Jupiter helps the person to win over or gain from enemies while its seventh aspect shows deep interest in occult, astrology and ninth aspect of Jupiter on tenth house can make one good banker, teacher, preacher. 

Jupiter in third house/ Jupiter in 3rd house

Third house is the house of communication, media, small business, siblings, close friends, neighbor. Jupiter in third house shows good relationship with siblings and neighbors. S/he has a dynamic & pleasant communication. S/he can be a good public speaker, journalist. At the same time, s/he is a vivid reader who loves to read plenty of books till their old age. Jupiter in third house shows s/he needs to put effort to reap the result then only s/he can enjoy the qualities of Jupiter. S/he has the capability to remember a lot of things. Hence, s/he needs to sort out only the useful data. 

Jupiter in third house can make one miser. But s/he can have good writing ability and can be interested in publishing and sharing knowledge with others. Their way of writing can be philosophical in nature. S/he has good business and administrative ability. Jupiter in third house shows optimism in effort & courage. S/he can be good technical teacher. Jupiter fifth aspect shows caring, communicative spouse. Jupiter seventh aspect shows s/he can be highly educated, cultured and religious. While Jupiter ninth aspect shows expansion of gains and huge network circle. Jupiter in third house can make one good in finance and stock market. As third house is a upachya house the qualities of Jupiter will shine with time especially during Jupiter Mahadasha. 

Jupiter in fourth house/ Jupiter in 4th house

Fourth house is the house of mother, homeland, conveyance, emotions. As per kalpurush kundali Jupiter is exalted in fourth house in the sign of Cancer. Jupiter in fourth house bless the native with immense domestic happiness. S/he will be dedicated to serve their elders and s/he find comfort & peace in home. Jupiter in fourth house even in debilitated position can give good result as it is in one of its most comfortable position though the quality of result may vary. When debilitated Jupiter may take you away from your homeland and s/he may settle in foreign.

Fourth house is also your old age, so s/he has a pleasant old age . S/he is learned, wise and intelligent.   It also shows good conveyance. Jupiter aspects the eighth house that shows optimism in ups and down. It can give good joint asset with wife/husband. Jupiter aspects the tenth house that shows s/he can be a good preacher/ teacher or a very good salesman in real estate. While Jupiter aspect the twelfth house from fourth house that shows travel to foreign land and faith on spirituality.

Jupiter in fifth house/ Jupiter in 5th house

Fifth house is the house of arts, sports and creative expression. Jupiter in fifth house shows that the native is intelligent and creative. S/he can learn tough subjects and can easily learn religious texts. S/he tends to be good in speculative business, gambling, entertainment & media business. At the same time, s/he can gain from publication and media.  S/he can be good financial teacher. S/he is learned & gets honor, respect from government. On the other hand, s /he will have good children but there may be delay in getting the children. S/he likes to gain knowledge on politics.

Fifth house is past life, Jupiter in fifth house shows that the native has a very good past life and the native is blessed with current life. Jupiter gives adverse result when it is associated with malefic planets or if Jupiter is debilitated. S/he may face delay in children. Jupiter fifth aspect shows s/he is religious,  gain higher learning & education, can go for long distance travel. S/he is blessed with good fortune. Jupiter seventh aspect on 11th house shows good gain and great friends. Jupiter ninth aspect on ascendant shows knowledge of creative expression and the life path is philosophical.

Jupiter in sixth house/ Jupiter in 6th house

Sixth house is the house of conflicts, obstacles,enemies,competition, small pets, daily routine, service to other people. S/he follows law, loves to resolve conflicts and s/he can be a good lawyer especially divorce lawyer. Her husband can be a service provider and can meet husband in between conflict or social events. S/he can learn wrong things and can have digestive or obesity or liver problem. On the other hand, s/he will do humanitarian activities and serves the underprivileged. S/he can travel to foreign land. S/he can incur losses due to debt but will believe in charity and donations.

But if Jupiter is a functional benefic than the person can be financially stable even after incurring debts. S/he tremendous love pets. S/he can give conflicts in families and ill speech if Jupiter is a functional malefic. If Jupiter is functional malefic than family may have bad influence on him/her. Sixth house is a trik(dustana) house so s/he may face humiliation and cheating in life. S/he has a tendency to gain weight at middle age.  As Jupiter is less friend of mercury so Jupiter in sixth house will give average result. The result can be better if Jupiter is exalted in sixth house or in its own sign.

The diseases that are associated with Jupiter in sixth house are more related only when Jupiter is functional malefic or is debilitated. For cancer ascendant, Jupiter placed in sixth house in the sign of Sagittarius indicates a life free of diseases. Jupiter aspect on second house shows good facial feature  and vocal tone.

Jupiter in seventh house/ Jupiter in 7th house

Seventh house is the house of outer world, spouse, marriage, business. When Jupiter is in seventh house shows spouse is religious, educated, learned, wise, knowledgeable. S/he will be one who will guide the spouse/life partner. Jupiter in seventh house shows s/he tends to be very conscious about religion, faith, security before marriage. S/he can be a judge/lawyer, preacher/teacher.

S/he can gain a lot from spouse and can also hold strong relationship with outer world and always have a wiser approach towards outer world. At the same time, s/he can have a pleasant married life. S/he will have good children. S/he will have good business partner and may shine in business. When Jupiter is placed with rahu or ketu in 7th house the result may be adverse. When Jupiter is debilitated his/her spouse may cheat/ take away all the money. 

Jupiter in eighth house/ Jupiter in 8th house

Eighth house is mysterious and adverse house.  It is the  house of sudden gain, joint asset, taxes, secret, occult,mystery. S/he is very secretive about husband/wife and may have secret assets. S/he may face ups and down in marriage. Jupiter in eighth house makes one sexual especially for female. The husband of the native may be a spendthrift and he can spend a lot in charity. S/he wants knowledge in astrology, medicine, occult and mystery, healing . Joint asset after marriage may be secretive. The in-laws of the native will be helpful if Jupiter is well placed. 

Eighth house is also the house of longevity. If Jupiter in eighth house is well placed and strong it can give long life to the individual. Jupiter in eighth house can also give knowledge on religious books. 


Jupiter shows the native will be inclined to lot of social service and charity. S/he can be in export/import business. S/he has a blessed family and good education. Jupiter in eighth house also shows eye problem. S/he can have weak physique or illness. S/he may have lack of nourishment if Jupiter is not well placed. Functional malefic Jupiter or afflicted Jupiter may give adverse result. 

Jupiter in ninth house/ Jupiter in 9th house

Ninth house is the house of philosophy, religion, ancient texts, preaching, teacher, luck, ancestors of native, long distance travel, travel to pilgrimage, fortune, higher learning. Jupiter in ninth house shows one is very strong in their religious beliefs. S/he is very philosophical in approach and will be highly learned & wise. S/he not only believes in education and religion but also believes in education of life.

At the same time, s/he is very creative and is inclined to religious and charitable deeds. S/he is knowledgeable and blessed with good family. S/he will visit lot of pilgrimage during Jupiter Mahadasha. On the other hand, s/he can gain wealth, respect and honor from society. S/he loves to share their knowledge by way of preaching. S/he loves travelling. Jupiter is the karaka of ninth house so placement of Jupiter in this house make it more strong and brings more honor and wealth to the native/family.

Jupiter in tenth house/ Jupiter in 10th house

Tenth house is the house of profession, career , authority, fame, reputation. It is one of the karma bhava. Jupiter in tenth house shows the native can be a spiritual leader and shows good teaching of father. Father & native has a pleasant place.  S/he can be a lawyer/ magistrate. As Saturn is the karaka of tenth house so besides Jupiter , position of Saturn should also be taken into consideration. S/he can be a learned professor or teacher. If Jupiter is weak or debilitated in tenth place than the s/he may face hurdles in workplace. S/he may not get recognition even after hard work. But as Jupiter is guru so the negative result of Jupiter cannot be drastic. 

Jupiter is optimism so s/he will be optimistic in their career. S/he can be good counselor, psychologist, good in biology. In women chart, S/he can meet husband in professional tradition. It is a good placement for export/import business. S/he is inclined to family & family business. S/he has a pleasant & wise speech and can be a good public speaker. At the same time, s/he has a solid relationship with parents. S/he & the family is religious & spiritual. S/he can win over enemies, easily resolve conflicts & overcome diseases.

Jupiter in eleventh house/ Jupiter in 11th house

Eleventh house is the house of gains. It shows large network circle, elder sibling, entrepreneurship, hopes and wishes. It is one of the kama house. Jupiter gives large friend circle, can make one entrepreneur, banker, finance and stock broker. S/he is optimistic about her effort and can earn huge amount of wealth. At the same time, s/he can enjoy the luxuries and comfort of life. S/he has good relationship with younger and elder sibling and can excel in studies and be good in speculative business. S/he has intelligent children.

In women chart, she can meet her husband in a large network circle. S/he can gain a lot of money through marriage. The result will be prominent during Jupiter Mahadasha. S/he can gain respect and honor from outside world. As Jupiter is in one of the upachya house the result of Jupiter will be more prominent after 30/35 years of age. For people born with Aquarius ascendant, Jupiter will give good monetary aspect during its mahadasha as it is the lord of 11th house. Afflicted Jupiter or Jupiter with malefics can give less result. 

Jupiter in twelfth house/ Jupiter in 12th house

12th house is the house of losses, charity, donation, hospital, mental asylum. hidden talent, foreign land, spirituality, imagination, subconscious mind. S/he is highly spiritual and can be a good astrologer, healer. At the same time, s/he can also earn from yoga and meditation. S/he loves to be in isolated places, foreign lands. In a women chart, s/he can meet husband in a isolated place or foreign land. Husband can be very spiritual & committed. On the other hand, s/he can get into lot of debt due to charity and may not make rational decision. S/he can also chase money for certain periods of life and then they realize the value of spirituality. S/he attains spirituality after many ups and downs.

At the same time, s/he loves big home and their home is designed with spirituality. S/he should be careful about losing with enemies. Enemies can expose his/her secret. S/he tends to travel a lot and spend money in meditation class and also has immense interest in occult science. S/he likes to lead a simple life. Others may take advantage of the simplicity of the native. As Jupiter is in one of the trik house, the good qualities of Jupiter may decrease. Twelve house is the salvation or moksha house. Jupiter in 12th house shows the native can become free from cycle of birth and death. 

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