Jupiter in Gemini in all houses

Jupiter in Gemini in all houses

Jupiter represents wealth, knowledge, optimism, wisdom, family, celebration, children, marriage, education, spirituality, religious acts, life force etc. Mercury rules Gemini, the third sign in the zodiac belt. Gemini is related to communication and business. Gemini comprises of two and half nakshatra- Mrigshira, Ardra and Punarvasu. Here is the detailed analysis of Jupiter in Gemini in all houses in Vedic astrology

Jupiter in Gemini

Jupiter in Gemini shows that the native is action oriented and loves to collect information that can help him/her to gain knowledge. S/he can be a teacher, writer, philanthropist, or professor. Money comes by sharing knowledge and preaching. At the same time, the native teaches divine knowledge to his siblings, public and neighbors. The  native can also be good businessman. Even without being teacher in professional field, s/he teaches others in one or other way.

Wealth comes by teaching or sharing knowledge and at the same time, s/he earns the money by his/her own self effort. On the other hand, the native always feels that s/he did not get proper rewards of his/her knowledge and education so Jupiter gives best results when the native shares his/her knowledge.

In Mrigshira nakshatra the position of Mars will impact the position of Jupiter. In ardra nakshatra, the position of Rahu impact the action of Jupiter. While in punarvasu nakshatra Jupiter is in its own nakshatra and so Jupiter is strong here in terms of nakshatra placement.

Now lets study  Jupiter in Gemini in all houses.

Jupiter in Gemini in first house/ Jupiter in Gemini in 1st house

It shows the native collect information and then communicate his/her immense knowledge with others. S/he can also be a teacher/professor . A girl meets her husband in workplace. At the same time, spouse can be very philosophical and share a lot of knowledge with the native. The spouse can also be a teacher and can be very wealthy.

Jupiter in Gemini in second house/ Jupiter in Gemini in 2nd house

The  person is interested in finance/wealth related field. The native is wealthy and may get wealth from in laws and other people. At the same time, the person can also be teacher/professor working in educational/religious institutes. They also have good knowledge in occult related matters.

Jupiter in Gemini in third house/ Jupiter in Gemini in 3rd house

The native is knowledgeable and can be a teacher/professor on foreign land. They can also be good counselor in religion and philosophy. They are business minded people. On the other hand, spouse can be from different ethnic background.

Jupiter in Gemini in fourth house/ Jupiter in Gemini in 4th house

The native has a good relation with mother and gains benefit from her. S/he can be a spiritual teacher, counsellor or astrologer and is workaholic. The native can have a private office set up.

Jupiter in Gemini in fifth house/ Jupiter in Gemini in 5th house

The native can be a spiritual guru and is also interested in wealth/ finance related matter. The native can also guide people regarding stocks. At the same time, they can be teacher or counsellor and can share their knowledge with children and loved ones.

Jupiter in Gemini in sixth house/ Jupiter in Gemini in 6th house

The native can gain wealth by guiding people. The native can be a doctor/lawyer or counsellor. The wealth of the native expands through legal matters. They can also be a lawyer in foreign land.

Jupiter in Gemini in seventh house/ Jupiter in Gemini in 7th house

The native wants spouse to communicate on all life matters. The position also shows gains of property from spouse. Spouse or partner can be a guide for the native. Spirituality and knowledge are foundation of the relationship.

Jupiter in Gemini in eighth house/ Jupiter in Gemini in 8th house

The native gains good wealth from in-laws. It also shows the s/he counsel others in occult and mysticism to gain money.

Jupiter in Gemini in ninth house/ Jupiter in Gemini in 9th house

The native loves collecting information in religion , philosophy and preaches it to others. The native can be a professor/teacher in educational institutes at far distant places.

Jupiter in Gemini in tenth house/ Jupiter in Gemini in 10th house

The native can be natural preacher or philosopher. The spouse is highly learned and can be a guru in workplace but still suffers from lack of satisfaction in knowledge. They can also be a Guru in society but they will always respect their parents.

Jupiter in Gemini in eleventh house/ Jupiter in Gemini in 11th house

The native can earn a lot from teaching field and also can be in the field of occult and mysticism. Those people gains recognition in society as guru or teacher. At the same time, they are proficient in handing income and wealth. They also like to instill higher wisdom and knowledge to children. On the other hand, children can also earn for their parents.

Jupiter in Gemini in twelfth house/ Jupiter in Gemini in 12th house

The native can be a professor, teacher, counselor and may also work in finance related field in foreign land. The native can also teach spirituality and occult. S/he travels a lot and can also be motivational speaker.
Any aspects or conjunction will alter the result.

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