Jupiter in Leo in all houses

Jupiter represents wealth, knowledge, Optimism, wisdom, family, celebration, children, marriage, education, spirituality, religious acts, life force, happiness, pilgrimage, Generosity, prosperity, law, economics, liver, fat, gall bladder, respect, husband in women chart, counselling. Sun rules the fifth zodiac sign Leo. The sign represents love, arts, creativity, hobbies, academics, sports, politics, speculations, stocks. Leo is lion so it shows the sign of feeling like king or queen or royal status. It is also the sign of confidence, self esteem, egos. Leo consist of two and half nakshatra Magha, Purvaphalguni and Uttarphalguni. Here is the detailed analysis of Jupiter in Leo in all houses in Vedic astrology

Jupiter in Leo

As sun and Jupiter are friends it shows the person gains knowledge to gain authority in life. Jupiter can mesmerize the public. In leo, the native always thinks his/ her preaching or belief is always right. The native will teach only if they gain legacy. The native can also enter into egoistic battle with other people or authority as Jupiter expands the ego and pride of an individual.  The person also uses his education and knowledge to gain authority. The native can be a teacher or professor. The native is highly learned and Jupiter also expands the creativity of the native. S/he teaches only when the native can get fame and royalty. When sun aspects Jupiter then it can control the expansion of attention and ego that  a native strives for.This position is also good for business in education, creattivity, speculative business.

Sun impacts Jupiter in Uttarphalguni nakshatra. In Magha nakshatra ketu impacts the action of Jupiter. In Purva phalguni nakshatra Venus impacts Jupiter.

Now let’s study Jupiter in Leo in all houses. The result of upachya houses third, sixth, tenth and eleventh improves with time.

Jupiter in Leo in first house / Jupiter in Leo in 1st house

The native is highly learned and wise individual. The native life is greatly impacted by creativity, children and his romantic partner. At the same time, the person gains his confidence from gaining knowledge and instills wisdom of confidence, loyalty in his/her children. The person can also pursue his/her creative sides as career. Overall a good position for highly learned individual.

Jupiter in Leo in second house/ Jupiter in Leo in 2nd house

The person serves the underprivileged with their knowledge and wisdom. S/he can be a motivational speaker or guides. This gives them authority and wealth. The native should also be careful about debts/loans.

Jupiter in Leo in third house/ Jupiter in Leo in 3rd house

The person gets a spouse who is very religious and has high wisdom. It also shows spouse can bring luck to the native and provides him/her with good business ideas. It also shows spouse is a guide to the native and can be a teacher or professor in academics. The native can be a counselor in religion and philosophy.

Jupiter in Leo in fourth house/ Jupiter in Leo in 4th house

Mother plays a great role in the life of the native for gaining knowledge. The person has a big home and good wealth. It also shows a teacher/ counselor who works from home and serves others. When  Jupiter or mercury is placed in 4th house it shows a teacher/counselor.  The person gains fame and authority by teaching and counseling

Jupiter in Leo in fifth house/ Jupiter in Leo in 5th house

This is a good position for education and learning, the native is highly creative and interested in sports and stocks. The person is a student for whole life, every day s/he learns something new. S/he can also be a guru of society but they are guru with authority and can smash down the ego of students.

Jupiter in Leo in sixth house/ Jupiter in Leo in 6th house

The person learns from enemies, disputes and obstacles. The person can be a lawyer or can be in government service counselling other people.

Jupiter in Leo in seventh house/ Jupiter in Leo in 7th house

Good gain from spouse and friends. The native is in education related to business and can connect with people through beliefs and knowledge, the native can also be a religious guru.

Jupiter in Leo in eighth house/ Jupiter in Leo in 8th house

The native can be a teacher/counselor in occult/mysticism. The person is highly learned and can also connect with other dimension of world. S/he can also gain highest form of spiritual knowledge. Royalty in life comes by serving people.

Jupiter in Leo in ninth house/ Jupiter in Leo in 9th house

The person can be a spiritual guru. The person can preach or teach religion, philosophy or academics by travelling to different parts of the world. At the same time, the person can be a professor/ teacher/counselor.

Jupiter in Leo in tenth house/ Jupiter in Leo in 10th house

This position shows good gain from government. At the same time, the native can gain status, rank, authoritative position in society. The person is a guru in work field and people come to take his/her advice. Father also plays a role is shaping career of the person.

Jupiter in Leo in eleventh house/ Jupiter in Leo in 11th house

The person can be working in large organization or government organization in the field of finance. The younger siblings also plays a role in the gains of the person. The person can also be a counselor in finance.

Jupiter in Leo in twelfth house/ Jupiter in Leo in 12th house

Gain from mother, home and foreign land. Highly spiritual and philosophical relationship with mother. The person has huge real estates. The person is highly learned and can be spiritual gurus.

Any aspects or planetary conjunction will alter the result of the person.

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