Jupiter in Libra in all houses

Jupiter in Libra in all houses

Jupiter represents wealth, knowledge, Optimism, wisdom, family, celebration, children, marriage, education, spirituality, religious acts, life force, happiness, counseling. Venus rules the seventh zodiac sign Libra. Libra is a sign of balance, relationship, dealing with others, business. Libra comprises of two and half nakshatra Chitra nakshatra ruled by Mars, Swati nakshatra ruled by Rahu and Vishakha nakshatra ruled by Venus. Here is the detailed analysis of Jupiter in Libra in all houses in Vedic astrology

Jupiter in Libra

When Jupiter is in Libra, the native becomes knowledgeable in field related to business and partnership. At the same time, the native can be a lawyer in civil matters and can deal with contracts. The native can also be relationship / marriage counselor. On the other hand, the native can be good at creativity. As Jupiter is in enemy sign best result can be expected if the person shares his/her knowledge. A debilitated Venus can also create obstacles in the path of Jupiter to perform its task. A female would attract husband who are businessman or lawyer.

The position of Mars impacts Jupiter in Chitra nakshatra. The position of Rahu impacts Jupiter in Swati nakshatra while Venus impacts Jupiter in Vishakha nakshatra.

Now let’s study Jupiter in Libra in all houses. As third, sixth , tenth and eleventh are upachya houses, the result of the house improves with time.

Jupiter in Libra in first house/ Jupiter in Libra in 1st house

The person is wise and can be a lawyer. He also always tries to create balance in society through communication. Jupiter in first house without any affliction can cause obesity too.

Jupiter in Libra in second house /Jupiter in Libra in 2nd house

The wealth of the native expands. The person can also gain as a teacher or can be in finance related field. At the same time, their home environment is religious and they always try to keep a balanced relationship with mother and family. But as Jupiter is in enemy sign, the person remains dissatisfied with wealth and support of family members.

Jupiter in Libra in third house/ Jupiter in Libra in 3rd house

The native can be a teacher or preacher of religion, philosophy and also can be in academics or creative field.

Jupiter in Libra in fourth house/ Jupiter in Libra in 4th house

This position of Jupiter shows that one has big home and gets benefit from mother. At the same time, mother can be very religious and with this placement, one can also receives good education. But as Jupiter is in enemy sign, there can also be health issues related to mother and home. And they may not able to maintain balanced relationship with mother.

Jupiter in Libra in fifth house/Jupiter in Libra in 5th house

Spouse can be a teacher or guide to the native. At the same time, they can be relationship advisor/counsellor. It also shows that one has a good love life and education, gains from education, sports and creativity.

Jupiter in Libra in sixth house/ Jupiter in Libra in 6th house

They can be relationship counsellor as well as divorce attorneys. At the same time, there can be disputes with in laws but the native knows to deal with emergency and disputes.

Jupiter in Libra in seventh house/ Jupiter in Libra in 7th house

Spouse becomes a guiding factor for the native. Spouse can be a counsellor and may counsel on religious and philosophical subjects. On the other hand, spouse can be of different cultural background. But he brings a lot of wealth and luck in marriage

Jupiter in Libra in 8th house/ Jupiter in Libra in 8th house

The native gains and benefits from marriage, in-laws and joint assets. The native can be a good teacher or counselor and has high knowledge about occult and mysticism. At the same time, they counsel people especially with relationship issues. They can also use occult power to help people in trouble.

Jupiter in Libra in ninth house / Jupiter in Libra in 9th house

The native can be a teacher, professor as well as lawyer and can gain lot of knowledge in religion and philosophy. They can be highly learned.

Jupiter in Libra in tenth house/ Jupiter in Libra in 10th house

The native can gain authoritative position in work. They are gurus at work and people always seek their advice. A lady can find her husband at workplace. At the same time, it is best for the native to follow spiritual or religious career especially if s/he is running through Jupiter Mahadasha.

Jupiter in Libra in eleventh house / Jupiter in Libra in 11th house

It means the native is very focused on gains and all his hopes and desires gets fulfilled with time. Good gain from finance related field, network circle and friends. For a girl, his/her spouse works in large organization. The person is sort of guru among his friends and they always seek his advice.

Jupiter in Libra in twelfth house/ Jupiter in Libra in 12th house

The wealth of family comes from finance related field in foreign land. The native can also be a lawyer in foreign land. On the other hand, one may find his/her Guru in foreign land and a girl can find her husband in foreign land.

Any aspect or conjunction would alter the result.

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