Jupiter Rahu conjunction in astrology

Jupiter rahu conjunction in astrology

Jupiter represents wealth, knowledge, Optimism, wisdom, family, celebration, children, marriage, education,spirituality, religious acts, life force, happiness, pilgrimage, Generosity, prosperity, law, economics, liver, respect, husband in women chart
Rahu represents desire, illusion, manipulation, cheating, gadgets, electricity, obstacles, gambling, wicked, cunning,skin diseases, insects, dark places, gomed, widow,speech, poison, cancer, snake bite, foreign things, foreign land, fear, anxiety. Jupiter Rahu conjunction in astrology is also known as Guru Chandal yoga as Guru means teacher and Chandal is thief.

Now if a thief and a Guru comes to same house, it is difficult to please them at the same time. But only a teacher can fix a thief. As Jupiter will try to control Rahu in this conjunction, the benefic quality of Jupiter may decrease. This person is inborn scientist and he has an  unconventional ways of approaching towards culture, spirituality and religious beliefs. They are very scientific in their approach too. They can develop new theory in occult and mysticism and can be brilliant in spirituality. This conjunction will fuel ambition in the native mind. They can be great sage and philosopher but they will have an unconventional ways of preaching . 

They will have a fiery speech because Rahu is amplifier of speech and Jupiter is expansion. At the same time, they are inborn rebel especially if this conjunction takes place in 1st house.

As Rahu is amplifier , the person will be extremely  wise and will gain huge knowledge especially if this conjunction takes place in  5th, 9th house. If the conjunction takes place in 2nd and 11th house it can make one extremely wealthy. It also shows that the person may be hasty in decision making skills and may take immature decisions in early phase of life. This conjunction if takes place in 1st, 2nd,  4th and 7th house the person especially woman are scared of commitment because Rahu is fear and anxiety. It also shows marriage in a foreign land or spouse of different religion, culture and background. If Jupiter is in good dignity  and is in a friendly, own or exalted sign it gives good result. Jupiter is the only planet in astrology that can minimize the malefic effect of rahu.

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