Mars in cancer in all houses

Mars in cancer in all houses

Mars is our will power, ability to fight, ability to take action, aggression, courage, soldier, athlete, weapon, anger, brother, male friend, boy friend, real estate. Cancer is the fourth zodiac sign ruled by Moon. The sign represents mother, nourishment from mother. Cancer also have two and half nakshatra Pushyami, Punarvasu and Ashlesha. Here is the detailed analysis of Mars in Cancer in all houses in Vedic astrology

Mars in Cancer

Mars is debilitated in cancer at 27 degree. Because Mars is fiery element and cancer is watery element so when both clashes it generates steam. It means exhaustion of energy. Also Mars is action and cancer is emotion so when you take action out of emotion, it will be a sort of impulsive action without thinking the reaction. At early life those people don’t know how to redirect the energy. So the native can get involved in physical fight and can be short tempered. And when the native is asked regarding explanation, the native may reply rudely. Due to aggressive nature of Mars relationship with mother also suffers. Mother can be very disciplined. It can also show harm to mother. The person can be a good businessman and can also break law. Mars can deceive others in family life and professional life.

How long the problem persist?

The person improves with time learning from mistakes.The person can cheat on partner or can be shrewd. 

Mars in cancer is ruled by three nakshatra. So Mars will behave depending on the position of planet ruling the three nakshatra. Punarvasu is ruled by jupiter so position of Jupiter will impact Mars. In punarvasu nakshtra, the person can instill wisdom though by cheating others . Pushyami is ruled by saturn so Saturn position will impact Mars. In pushya nakshatra, the person can cheat but in a controlled manner. Ashlesha is ruled by mercury so mercury position will impact Mars. In Ashlesha, mars can have outburst of anger and can suffer lot of abuse in life so they can be abusive in later part of life.

The position of moon will also impact Mars as moon is the lord of Cancer. So, now let’s discuss Mars in cancer in all the houses in Vedic astrology

Mars in cancer in first house /Mars in cancer in 1st house

The native loves to dominate his colleagues. But at the same time, the native is bullied in workplace. The native needs to learn to adjust with others. There can be certain relationship problem with father.

Mars in cancer in second house/Mars in cancer in 2nd house

The native may loose wealth due to elder sibling especially brother. There can also be fights between siblings due to wealth related matters. The native may be impulsive in business and may not be able to save money.

Mars in cancer in third house/Mars in cancer in 3rd house

The position shows turbulent relationship with sibling, Sibling may have foreign connection or foreign related business. They can be impulsive decision maker and can also face loss in businesses.

Mars in cancer in fourth house/Mars in cancer in 4th house

The position shows turbulent relationship with mother. It also shows property dispute with brother and aggressive home environment. There can also be sudden event and transformation in life of mother. One can also loose inherited property.

Mars in cancer in fifth house/Mars in cancer in 5th house

This position created a Dhan yoga. The native may have no interest in education but loves stocks and gambling. They can be either sportsperson or cheater. There can also be anger issues in romance and while dealing with children.

Mars in cancer in sixth house/Mars in cancer in 6th house

The position can result in unnecessary disputes and conflicts. They may take law in hand and end up loosing unnecessarily. The native can be habitual offender. The native is good at sports and should not cheat.

Mars in cancer in seventh house/Mars in cancer in 7th house

One may end up loosing property due to dispute with spouse. The native may have turbulent relationship with mother. The native may involve in physical fights too.

Mars in cancer in eighth house/Mars in cancer in 8th house

They can have troublesome love life and relationship end with fights and arguments. At the same time, they are abusive and dominating in relationship. They may try to grab in-laws wealth.

Mars in cancer in ninth house/Mars in cancer in 9th house

There can be continuous dispute with teacher and can also face obstacles in higher education. They can dominate over religious belief.

Mars in cancer in tenth house/Mars in cancer in 10th house

Spouse has no time for relationship due to work. They can have sudden burst of anger of spouse that may result in physical fights. There can be lack of trust in relationship. At the same time, the spouse is dominating.

Mars in cancer in eleventh house/Mars in cancer in 11th house

There can be sudden events impacting the income of the native. If the impact is malefic in nature than there can be problem with elder sibling and network circle. It is always better to have an insurance.

Mars in cancer in twelfth house/Mars in cancer in 12th house

The native has high chance of landing in jail due to wrong deeds so the native need to be careful. There can also be dominance struggle with teacher and the native may face legal trouble in foreign land. Drug and alcohol can lead to serious health issues.

The analysis is based on the position of Mars. Aspect, conjunctions and dasha will alter the result

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