Mars in Gemini in all houses

Mars in Gemini in all houses

Mars is our will power, courage, ability to fight, aggression, fighting ability, brother, male friend, boyfriend. Gemini is the third sign in zodiac belt related to communication, siblings, marketing and business. Gemini is divided into two and half nakshatra of Mrigashira, Ardra or Punarvasu. The gemini lord is mercury which is the lord for communication. Here is the detailed analysis of Mars in Gemini in all houses in Vedic astrology

Mars in Gemini

Mars in Gemini shows active and aggressive way of speaking or communication. The native can be harsh in speech. In business, the native can be dominating. The native can be a good motivational speaker and can easily collect information. Mars can be confused in the sign of Mercury and the native may be unable to take appropriate action. The native may try to do many things together but end up in doing one thing.

Now let’s start with Mars in Gemini in all houses. As third, sixth, tenth and eleventh are upachya house, their result improves with time,

Mars in Gemini in first house/Mars in Gemini in 1st house

They can have aggressive speech or they can also be harsh with siblings and friends. They can have good gains but may loose their gains due to their harsh speech. At the same time, they are dominating, impulsive and action oriented in business.

Mars in Gemini in second house /Mars in Gemini in 2nd house

The native may have an aggressive and blunt speech that may result in loosing wealth. There can also be arguments at home. Native may work in MNC and gain wealth but at the same time s/he can be a spendthrift.

Mars in Gemini in third house/Mars in Gemini in 3rd house

The native is good at writing and marketing. The native can be long lived. His sibling especially younger brother helps him to achieve his life path.

Mars in Gemini in fourth house/Mars in Gemini in 4th house

This position shows troublesome relationship with mother. It can also result in aggressive communication with mother. At the same time, the native can earn through business and communication.

Mars in Gemini in fifth house/Mars in Gemini in 5th house

There can be lot of arguments in love matter and with teacher during education. At the same time, the native can easily collect information .

Mars in Gemini in sixth house/Mars in Gemini in 6th house

This position can result in arguments, dominance struggle or litigation in property matter. It also shows house or property on debt or a career in real estate and law.

Mars in Gemini in seventh house/ Mars in Gemini in 7th house

The native can be dominating, aggressive and active in relationship. There can also be power struggle between couple. The native can be in mechanical or electrical field and can turn it into business.

Mars in Gemini in eighth house/Mars in Gemini in 8th house

The native is strong willed and can dig deep to find the secrets of life. They can also be a surgeon or a professor who communicate in surgery.

Mars in Gemini in ninth house/Mars in Gemini in 9th house

This position shows that spouse is a very active person. The communication of spouse is harsh and blunt. The spouse may ask his/her partner to take different action which may not be taken positively by partner.

Mars in Gemini in tenth house/Mars in Gemini in 10th house

The native may need individuality in workplace which can lead to arguments. The native can be journalist or spokesperson who can be forceful about writing. At the same time, sudden arguments can spoil relation with authorities and father. They can also do deep research in job field.

Mars in Gemini in eleventh house/Mars in Gemini in 11th house

This position shows lawyer or activist especially RTI activist. The native can be quite blunt in speech. The native can also join some religious organizations. As Mars is in enemy sign, the native can get into trouble due to harsh speech.

Mars in Gemini in twelfth house/Mars in Gemini in 12th house

The position shows business in foreign land or with foreign people. The native can be a spendthrift or unable to save money. At the same time, they are very aggressive about business idea and communication.

The result may change due to planetary combination, conjunction and aspects.

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