Mars in Virgo in all houses

Mars in Virgo in all houses

Mars is our will power, courage, ability to fight, aggression, anger, accident, weapons, athlete, real estate. Virgo is the sixth zodiac sign ruled by mercury. It is a dual sign and mercury is inimical to mars. Virgo is a sign that deals with diseases, obstacles, debts, service, pets, competition, daily routine. But basically Virgo is a sign of healing and is represented by a lady arriving in a boat with herbs and wheat in her hand. Here is the detailed analysis of Mars in Virgo in all houses in Vedic astrology

Mars in Virgo

Mars is a fiery, masculine planet that connects with passion, ambition. Mercury is related to intellect and wisdom. Mars is weapon and mercury is intellect so when both the energies can lead to medical profession. As mars action is impulsive in nature the native needs to be careful in medical field and avoid any impulsive decisions. Mars in Virgo also shows a strong drive for sex. The native can also gets success in mechanical field.

But as mars is inimical to mercury and mars has nothing to do with healing, the native may not take right action at right time. The mars energy remains scattered everywhere. The native needs to direct their actions. The native may not be exceptionally intelligent or creative but the native is a good observer and can pay attention to details. On the other hand, the native may have a harsh speech. The native can do well in account, finance, stocks, audit.

Now the impact of these traits will be different for different people based on nakshatra of mars. When Mars is in uttarphalguni nakshatra, the position of sun impact the position of mars. In hasta nakshatra, the position of moon impacts the position of Mars. In Chitra nakshatra, Mars will be more comfortable as it is in its own nakshatra

Now lets see mars in Virgo in all houses.

Mars in Virgo in first house/ Mars in Virgo in 1st house

The native is highly analytical and detail oriented. The native can be aggressive in communication. It also shows that native can work for emergencies. The native gets angry very quickly and may also face accident related to head. The native demands perfection and the native may get angry if the desired level is not meet.

Mars in Virgo in second house/ Mars in Virgo in 2nd house

The native can be a lawyer and earns wealth through professions like law. It also shows that the native has a harsh speech and can get into arguments with family due to wealth related matter.

Mars in Virgo in third house/ Mars in Virgo in 3rd house

The native is dominating and harsh in communication. The native fights with communication which shows a position for lawyer. At the same time, the native also tries to dominate their siblings and people around them.

Mars in Virgo in fourth house/ Mars in Virgo in 4th house

The native has a troublesome relationship with mother. It also shows fights or arguments with property and real estate between mother, elder siblings and the native. Mars is the karaka of real estate so the native gets a lot of gains from property. Mother of the native may be very critical and perfectionist towards her child that can create a rift in relationship.

Mars in Virgo in fifth house/ Mars in Virgo in 5th house

As mars is karaka of sports, the native can be good in sports. The native can also try to dominate in romantic life that can result in few break ups. There may be obstacles in education for the native and the native can argue with teacher and his children.

Mars in Virgo in sixth house/ Mars in Virgo in 6th house

The native can be a lawyer and solve disputes. The native can be a great sportsperson and s/he loves competition and dealing with obstacles as s/he can defeat the enemy. S/he can also deal courageously with sudden events of life and win over it.

Mars in Virgo in seventh house/ Mars in Virgo in 7th house

The native and spouse can be aggressive in communication. It is a manglik position and it is advisable that the native marries a manglik. As virgo is sign of perfection shows that the native is into fault finding of his/her spouse that leads to problem in married life.

Mars in Virgo in eighth house/ Mars in Virgo in 8th house

The native faces lots of up and down by mid 30. The native may lack courage to understand occult matters. It also shows the native younger sibling especially brother can be in occult related matters.

Mars in Virgo in ninth house/ Mars in Virgo in 9th house

The native is constantly in arguments with teacher. The native has struggle with mother and people at home. At the same time, the native can be his own guru as s/he can never find a teacher who can match their mindset. The native can also make effort to learn higher education.

Mars in Virgo in tenth house/ Mars in Virgo in 10th house

The native deals with lot of conflicts at work and the native fights for it to gain authority in life. It also shows a lawyer, medical and sportsperson. The native can have arguments with brother and children.

Mars in Virgo in eleventh house/ Mars in Virgo in 11th house

The native has high will power to deal with the obstacles of life. The native can also be a doctor. As mars is in enemy sign shows success and gain only after 30. Mars is in upachya house and the native needs to put effort to win over obstacles of life.

Mars in Virgo in twelfth house/ Mars in Virgo in 12th house

The native family can shift to foreign land. The native can be working in hospital or in law enforcement like police or jails.

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