Detailed analysis of aspect of Mars in astrology

Mars is the planet of willpower and actions. Mars aspect the seventh house from itself. It has three aspects – Mars aspect 4th house , 7th house and 8th house from its position. Here is the detailed analysis of aspect of mars in Vedic astrology.

Aspect of mars shows willpower to achieve, conquer, overpower or dominate the activities or people related to the houses. At the same time, Mars gets directional strength in 10th house and looses the same in fourth house. The maturity age of Mars is 31 years. Hence, result can be more favorable after the age of 31.

Mars in astrology- role and importance

Reason of special aspect of Mars

4th aspect: Fourth aspect is the house of home and land. Mars is the karaka of real estate. Besides that, Mars is a soldier so it represents fighting for the people of homeland. Mars is also the karaka of efforts and actions.

8th aspect: 8th house is the house of death, secrecy and occult, rebirth and transformation. Hence Mars being the karaka of 8th house shows dealing with fears and emergency.

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Dignity of Mars:

The dignity of Mars tells us the dignity of our efforts and actions. If mars is exalted the person will be law abiding and will take legal, righteous action. On the contrary, in debilitated sign person may take illegal action. On the other hand, a neutral dignity tells the person is calm towards taking actions. However, in friendly sign, person gets charged up to achieve goals.

Mars in Fire sign( Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): Fiery energy, go getter and action oriented. They can work under control.

Mars in Capricorn:

Exalted and law abiding Mars.

Mars in Aquarius:

It is the enemy sign of mars, if Saturn is not well placed the person may need to work hard repeatedly. But Mars in aquarius performs well after 30.

Mars in Cancer:

Debilitated, may not perform well without other yogas.

Mars in Taurus or Libra:

Neutral sign. Balanced energy of taking action.

Mars in Gemini or Virgo:

Enemy sign. Agitated and dominating energy of taking action.

Mars in Pisces:

Spiritual energy, not interested to achieve anything in life.

Mars in Scorpio:

Own sign, strong willed and determined.


Mars in ascendant shows protectiveness towards mother, home and dwelling. They also love to collect weapon. The seventh aspect shows they want to dominate other people. The eighth aspect shows they are not afraid to face challenges of life. Hence, they are action oriented and active in life.

Mars in third house shows the native has younger brother and has power struggle with brother. The seventh aspect shows they love to overtake the ninth house. The eighth aspect on tenth house shows they are not afraid of society, coworkers and bosses. They can be very competitive journalist.

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