Mental illness in astrology

Mental Illness in astrology

Mental illness is hard to define. Some of the mental illness are still incurable. In some instances of astrology, it is believed that, when frequency of your body clashes with frequency of other world than individual starts seeing the other world then s/he can see things people cannot see and in medical field the person is clinically ill. So there are many views- scientific, logical, spiritual and astrological. Here are few placement than can show if a person suffers from mental illness in astrology

Mental illness and placement of planets

In vedic astrology, we look 1st and 7th house and if Saturn and mars mutually aspect each other. If moon is completely eclipsed by Sun, then mental illness can be a factor. The affliction of moon is very important to see and if moon is in paap kartari yoga. Then Rahu and ketu and functional malefic planet plays a great role in mentall illness. If Rahu conjunct strongly with moon and moon along with functional malefic can cause mental illness.

Moon with ketu is quite tricky as the person can experience something that others cannot see. They can tap into other dimension easily. Functional malefic planet can cause mental illness. Mercury with rahu and ketu can have erratic behavior. First check situation of moon. Then if it receive functional malefic aspect. If fifth house has moon and sun conjunct with Saturn and mars, then you need to check trimsamsa chart. If moon receives a good aspect from Jupiter or good planet then they can see good things of other dimension.

How to see if mental illness is permanent or temporary?

If moon conjunct Ghatni karaka of jaimini astrology in 1st, 3rd, 5th, 6th, 8th, 12th house and if we go through the charadasha of the planet then the person will have a tendency of mental illness. You can experience it more in vimshottari dasha or charadasha.


Though some mental illness are difficult to cure but meditation can really help an individual to overcome mental trauma and illness.

Any other aspects and conjunction can alter the result.

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