Mercury in all houses

In vedic astrology, Mercury also known as “buddhi” is the karaka of communication. Mercury represents analytical intelligence, speech, marketing and communication, business, trade, tongue, writing, reading, memory, drama , acting, skills of hands. Mercury is the prince and messenger who loves to communicate and circulate information. Here is the detailed analysis of Mercury in all houses in Vedic astrology

Mercury in first house/ Mercury in 1st house

Mercury in first house shows that the entire life of an individual is based on communication. S/he loves to communicate in written or oral form and can be an expert in sign language. At the same time, Mercury in first house shows that the native is talented in movies and arts . S/he can be smart businessman and they do not like desk jobs . On the other hand, s/he has good logical, analytical thinking and is intelligent if mercury is in good position.  S/he loves to try everything. On the other hand, s/he can go for politics, can be philanthropist ,salesman, photographer . S/he has very communicative partner if mercury is in good position and loves communication with spouse/ other people or masses.

Mercury in second house/ Mercury in 2nd house

Second house is the house of speech, family, family values, family wealth. Mercury in second house shows that the native has a calculative approach towards family. S/he is communicative with the family and can also be a good public speaker or a good singer. On the other hand, s/he has a logical approach in handling finance or wealth management. S/he can be good analyst and has a business oriented mind.

Mercury in third house/ Mercury in 3rd house

Third house is the house of business, media, communication, younger siblings, arts and crafts. The native with mercury in third house makes one smart salesman and businessman. S/he can also be quick thinker and good entrepreneurs. S/he has a very good education and are good communicator. Mercury is the karaka of intelligence. S/he can deal with communication oriented business and can also pick business related to hobbies. If mercury is debilitated in third house it can result in offensive speech of the individual. Mercury loves collecting information. Hence s/he can be good lawyers or astrologer as Mercury is the karaka of astrology and sits in its own sign as per kalpurush kundali.

Mercury in fourth house/ Mercury in 4th house

Fourth house is the house of mother, home, happiness , peace of mind, conveyance. Mercury in fourth house shows mother of the native is very communicative. The native or mother can also have a home business/ family business. S/he is highly communicative in home. The logical intelligence of the native is impacted by mother. If mercury is debilitated it shows that there can also be miscommunication with mother. From fourth house mercury aspects the tenth house of career that shows good political career, communication to save people of homeland or astrologer.

Mercury in fifth house/ Mercury in 5th house

Fifth house is the house of creativity, children, speculative business, arts and crafts. Mercury in fifth house shows that the native or his children will be very communicative. At the same time, Mercury in fifth house shows the person is interested in learning ancient text, scriptures and can be a good astrologer. S/he can be a skilled actor or mimicking artist. Their logical thinking is expressed by creativity.

S/he also loves to communicate with children. They can win through communication in romance. On the other hand, S/he is very romantic as mercury is youthfulness. S/he can learn a lot about life by using communication and can communicate through different form of arts. At the same time, s/he can be very good astrologer. S/he can also communicate with partner and they are youthful in love matter. As mercury aspects the fifth house shows that they can gain from network circle , friends. S/he applies intelligence to gain.

Mercury in sixth house/ Mercury in 6th house

Sixth house is the house of illness, debts, diseases, service, daily routine. Mercury in sixth house shows that the native applies intelligence and communication to win over enemies and resolve conflicts. S/he can also choose career in legal field. S/he can be a manager. At the same time, sixth house is the house of healing so it shows that s/he can be doctors. S/he can be counselors as Mercury is counselling.

With mercury in sixth house in Virgo they are critical of other people.  S/he can also achieve prominent position in financial matters. S/he is very detail oriented and can also be scared of wrong calculation. From sixth house mercury projects its intelligence on eighth house that shows intelligence to perform surgical procedure, ups and down with siblings and work for government in internal service. While Mercury aspects twelfth house from sixth house that shows resolving conflicts in foreign land or seeking spirituality to resolve conflict.

Mercury in seventh house/ Mercury in 7th house

Seventh house is the house of business partnership, marriage, agreement, spouse, other people, long distance journey. Mercury in seventh house shows good attorney and lawyers. They can also be in export and import business as Mercury is business. At the same time, s/he can be good communicator depending on the sign on which it is placed. If placed with satvic planet  like jupiter, sun, moon, s/he can also be good teacher. S/he shines tremendously in business. With moon and mercury the native is very much involved with mother. It also shows that spouse is very youthful. S/he can be very communicative with spouse. S/he can also be marriage or relationship counselors.

Mercury in eighth house/ Mercury in 8th house

Eighth house is the house of transformation, sudden ups and downs, death, rebirth, sex, in-laws, inheritance, occult, mysticism. Mercury in eighth house makes one a good astrologer. S/he loves communicating in occult or hidden science. Mercury in eighth house can also make one a good teacher or blogger.  When mercury is in its own sign or friendly sign , s/he is highly communicative with family and in-laws.

Mercury in eighth house in enemy sign can create troublesome family life and the native can be critical to married life or family life.  The speech of the native can be confusing if mercury is debilitated. S/he can also take career in counselling. It is the house of death and rebirth. On the other hand, s/he can take career in life insurance and has knowledge of underground and can be tantric, gurus of esoteric studies. At the same time, s/he can be good detectives and spy. S/he can be in oil industry. When mercury is in eighth house in the sign of Scorpio s/he can write books on astrology.

Mercury aspects the second house from eighth house that shows digging deep in family history and enhanced communication.

Mercury in ninth house/ Mercury in 9th house

Ninth house is the house of religion, philosophy, long distance journey, gurus, teaching of father, higher learning, religious text. Mercury in ninth house shows business through higher learning, religious text. If not aspect by Jupiter, mercury in ninth house shows that the native can be greedy of using others knowledge. S/he also loves publishing and writing on philosophy, text. S/he can also create jobs or can commercialize a job. If debilitated, the native keeps on learning. At the same time, s/he can be very rich. From ninth house, mercury projects its intelligence on eleventh house that shows great communication with siblings, network circles and friends.

From ninth house mercury aspects third house that shows publication of speech and good marketing.

Mercury in tenth house/ Mercury in 10th house

Tenth house is the house of career, fame, authority, reputation and success. It is a powerful position of mercury and mercury is very versatile here. S/he can be very communicative and their entire career will be based on communication. Mercury in tenth house can make one good public speaker, salesman, journalist, blogger, columnist, engineer, accountant, coder ,comedian, actor. It always depends on the sign and nakshatra in which it is placed.

Mercury in air sign can also makes one very dynamic in communication . At the same time, s/he can be good actors, writers and sales. S/he is government servant when mercury is in leo in tenth house. In water sign s/he can be in medical, research and science field. In cancer or Scorpio field, s/he can research in medical or spiritual field. On the other hand, Mercury in Pisces can make one spiritual counsellor. While Mercury in Capricorn can make one good manager. Mercury in earth sign can make one good accountant.

From tenth house mercury aspects fourth house that shows professionalism at home or can have home based business. S/he is very articulate in approach. Mother can be teacher.

Mercury in eleventh house/ Mercury in 11th house

Eleventh house is the house of elder siblings, network circle, friends, hopes, wishes, income and gains. Mercury in eleventh house makes one stock broker, hedge fund manager. Mercury in eleventh house loves to being around intelligent people. S/he can be good PR agent. The native is also very calculative and practical in income or gains. At the same time, s/he can be good financial advisers.  The native loves to communicate with network circle. The native can organize things and can also be a wedding planner or political event planner. Placement of mercury states the kind of person, the native makes friends. If mercury is debilitated, s/he loves to make network but incapable of doing things. S/he  makes spiritual friends.

Mercury aspects fifth house, s/he can be very creative in hobbies. S/he can be very communicative with children or romance. If there is a aspect of Venus they can be in sports betting, gambling. S/he is curious in education. S/he can gain knowledge in education. At the same time, s/he is very communicative and creative. If mercury is well placed during mercury mahadasha or antardasha, the native can gain a lot.

Mercury in twelfth house/ Mercury in 12th house

12th house is the house of losses, spirituality, foreign land,  subconscious mind, imagination, hospitals, mental asylum, foreign trade through water. S/he at early stage is shy at communication and can be secretive. S/he applies logical mind in unique ways. At the same time, s/he is intuitive and has strong psychic ability. S/he makes brilliant writer and also puts imagination into work. S/he can work behind scenes and can also be good directors, screen players. It is a strong position in astrology. S/he can solve problem by intuition. Mercury in cancer shows emotional intuition and mercury in mars shows wild imagination. Mercury in Virgo shows calculative and imaginative ability. S/he loves to collect information on spirituality. S/he can makes excellent astrologer and can make business in foreign land. Mercury aspects sixth house shows s/he can resolve conflicts by intuition, imaginations.

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