Importance of Mercury in astrology

Mercury is nearest to the sun and it is also known as Budh in vedic astrology as it signifies cleverness, intelligence, wit and humor of a person. It is a benefic planet but in some situation it is malefic. Mercury in sixth, eighth and twelfth house fails to give good result. Mercury being the lord of the sixth, eighth and twelfth house fails to give good result. Below are the details of mercury and importance of mercury in Vedic astrology


Mercury is the prince of all the planet. It is the smallest planet and it cheers up the planet it sits with. Mercury gets combust when it is very close to Sun so every time it doesn’t form budhadityanyog. It forms the yoga only when mercury is ahead of the sun. Then the native gets the fruits of both mercury and sun. Mercury is green in color.

The sign ruled by Mercury is Virgo and Gemini. The moolatrikona sign of Mercury is Virgo and it is exalted in Virgo.

Mercury finds its directional strength in ascendant.


Mercury is the son of Rohini and moon. Rohini is the most beautiful nakshatra in the constellation of the nakshatra. Mythology also states that Mercury is adopted son of Jupiter . When moon holds the lowest degree in conjunction with mercury than they are friends but if mercury holds the lowest degree than moon get afflicted. Moon mercury can give good fruits when aspected by Jupiter or sun.

Importance of Mercury in astrology

Mercury is speech and communication. Mercury represents writing, marketing and networking. It is analytical intelligence not true intelligence. Because mercury is education books and learning. Mercury is duality, learning and skills. Mercury represents clients like whatever business we do our clients represents mercury. The transaction that takes place in business is mercury so mercury is business, trading and commerce. Mercury shows fields relate to commerce, trade, accounts, computers. A person with strong mercury can have sharp thinking but may suffer from indecisiveness and anxiety. In relationship mercury is maternal aunts, uncle, grandfather, younger c0-born and friends. Mars is the karaka of co-born but mercury is younger siblings. Mercury shows hands and shoulders and Jupiter represents skills of hands. Mercury is intellectual conversation, speech and talk. It is philosophy of practical world.

Mercury believes in logic and has excellent analytical and logical approach towards everything. The planet also shows youthfulness and children. AT the same time, mercury represents plastic surgery. Mercury represents behavior of birds. Mercury is email, social media, text messages. Profession wise mercury represents writer, editor, speech therapist, astrologer, mathematician, engineer, dealer, broker, businessman, astronomer when rahu conjunct mercury, publisher, comedian, artist, lecturer, salesman, mimicker. Jupiter conjunct mercury shows ability to learn and retain knowledge. Mercury is publishing and karaka of short travel. Health wise it represents skin, nervous system, hip, intestine, lungs. Nose. Aspect of Sun and Jupiter on mercury can make one good psychologist.

Weak or afflicted mercury in astrology

If mercury conjunct or aspect Rahu or ketu than the person is intelligent but an afflicted mercury with afflicted Sun can give different skin diseases. Rahu, mercury, mars conjunction can give pimples. If Jupiter is connected with Rahu and mercury conjunct mars it can give rise to boils. Mercury is also responsible for any type of health situations. It can be fatal so while analyzing the longevity or diseases of the native the position of mercury plays an important role. Mercury planets gives sudden result.

Mercury is a prince and behaves with the planet with which it sits. As it is an in-matured planet it is always better for mercury to be with other planet. Or if the nakshatra lord of mercury is strong in chart or aspected by benefic planet like Venus, Jupiter than the fruits of mercury get enhanced. Even an exalted mercury without aspect of other planets can make one lonely, they may not be able to take decision of life or they can change profession multiple times.


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