Mercury in Gemini in all houses

Mercury represents communication skills, marketing, logical and analytical thinking, younger siblings, hobbies, skills, intelligence, quick decision making, youthfulness. Gemini is the third sign of zodiac belt ruled by Mercury. It is a sign of communication, marketing, business etc. Gemini comprises of two and half nakshatra Mrigashira, Ardra, Punarvasu. Here is the detailed analysis of Mercury in Gemini in all houses in Vedic astrology

Mercury in Gemini

These people are communicative. They know to speak the right thing at right time and are articulate in communication. They have purpose or ideas while they speak. This is a good position for business. They can handle multiple hobbies and loves to collect information on those hobbies. They also communicate to collect information on their business. At the same time, they love travelling and communicating in social media. They can be clever and have sharp thinking process. They know to implement or execute their ideas. On the other hand, they can also be a good writer.

Mercury in Mrigshira nakshatra would be impacted by position of mars. In Ardra, Rahu impacts the position of Mercury. While in Punarvasu nakshatra, Jupiter impact position of Mercury.

Now let’s study mercury in all houses. As third, sixth, tenth and eleventh house are upachya house, it will improve with time.

Mercury in Gemini in first house/ Mercury in Gemini in 1st house

They are highly courageous and can have an authoritative speech. But at the same time, they have an emotional and sensitive speech. They can be in any work related to creativity and communication.

Mercury in Gemini in second house/ Mercury in Gemini in 2nd house

The person is calculative with family assets related matters. They are quick decision makers in family. They can also earn through communication and family business.

Mercury in Gemini in third house/ Mercury in Gemini in 3rd house

They can be journalist or salesman. They can also collect a lot of information and are multitasking

Mercury in Gemini in fourth house/ Mercury in Gemini in 4th house

A very communicative mother. Mother can be a business woman. Mother also helps to develop skills of child. There can be a home business or they can be counsellors and may work from private office or home. They can also be authors. At the same time, they are calculative about the conveniences of life.

Mercury in Gemini in fifth house/ Mercury in Gemini in 5th house

They can be good at mimicking. They are very communicative with children and loves to speak about education. At the same time, they can be good at teaching or counselling. They can be very romantic partner but their love stories may not last long.

Mercury in Gemini in sixth house/ Mercury in Gemini in 6th house

They can spread awareness about health and healing services. They can also be activists who fights for poor and underprivileged people. So, communication and counselling can be part of their daily routine.

Mercury in Gemini in seventh house/ Mercury in Gemini in 7th house

The position shows that spouse can be communicative. Spouse can be in some sort of business and has lot of business ideas. Marriage issues are also solved with communication.

Mercury in Gemini in eighth house/ Mercury in Gemini in 8th house

They can expose secrets through communication. They loves to talk about occult, mysticism and can also be an astrologer who shares his/her knowledge through astrology blogs.

Mercury in Gemini in ninth house/ Mercury in Gemini in 9th house

They love collecting information on religion and philosophy. They can be preacher and loves travelling. At the same time, they can also learn and communicate with people of different ethnicity.

Mercury in Gemini in tenth house/ Mercury in Gemini in 10th house

They can be good authors, entrepreneur and businessman. They are highly communicative at workplace. At the same time, they are multitasking.

Mercury in Gemini in eleventh house/ Mercury in Gemini in 11th house

They earn money through communication, counselling, elder sibling and network circle. They can also work and earn from large organizations. At the same time, communication and counselling are also part of large organization. On the other hand, they are highly calculative about their earning and can keep a track of growth.

Mercury in Gemini in twelfth house/ Mercury in Gemini in 12th house

They can be in trade with foreign connection. They can be creative and imaginative writer. At the same time, they can also be great writer and author on spirituality, business and other worldly things. They can be communicative and imaginative about other worldly dimension.

Any aspects, conjunction will alter the result.

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