Mercury in Leo in all houses

Mercury in Leo in all houses

Mercury represents communication skills, marketing, logical and analytical thinking, younger siblings, hobbies, skills, intelligence, quick decision making, youthfulness. Leo is the fifth sign of zodiac belt ruled by Sun. Leo is a sign of ego, self esteem, creativity, education, sports, hobbies, trading, romantic affairs etc. Wherever sign of Leo is placed it shows that you want authority related to the activities of the house provided there is no malefic impact. Leo consist of two and half nakshatra namely Magha, Purva Phalguni and Uttar Phalguni. Here is the details of Mercury in Leo in all houses in Vedic astrology.

Mercury in Leo

The native can be a good politician as the person has dynamic communication skills. The native is good in creativity and hobbies and can also handle multiple hobbies at a time. It shows the native takes interest in stock market and can be good in sports if Mars is strong . The person can also make career in their hobbies and interest like arts, singing, movies. The person reaches authoritative position through communication and creativity.

Now position of mercury is impacted by the position of nakshatra. Ketu impacts Mercury in Magha nakshatra. In Purva Phalguni nakshatra , Venus impacts mercury and in Uttarphalguni nakshatra, Sun impacts mercury.

Always check position of sun while analyzing the result.

Now let’s study mercury in Leo in all houses. As third, sixth, tenth and twelfth are upachya house, the result improves with time.

Mercury in Leo in first house/ Mercury in Leo in 1st house

They can be accountant or analyst in finance field. They are also calculative and practical of wealth and assets of life. At the same time, they can be in finance or wealth related field.

Mercury in Leo in second house/ Mercury in Leo in 2nd house

They can be authoritative but their way of communication gives good wealth. They can also be government or authoritative spokesperson. On the other hand, they can be great editors too.

Mercury in Leo in third house/ Mercury in Leo in 3rd house

They can have a fiery speech. They are also creative and skillful. At the same time, mother can be analytical as well as critical.

Mercury in Leo in fourth house/ Mercury in Leo in 4th house

They are very analytical and critical in matters of home and mother. They also look for perfection in their children. At the same time, they can be very analytical and detail oriented in education that helps them to be a good teacher.

Mercury in Leo in fifth house/ Mercury in Leo in 5th house

They can be in fields related to stock market, accounts etc. They are creative as well as detail oriented in creativity. At the same time, they can also collect a lot of information.

Mercury in Leo in sixth house/ Mercury in Leo in 6th house

Spouse may work as a counselor or in healthcare and finance related field. At the same time, spouse can be very critical or detail oriented in relationships.

Mercury in Leo in seventh house/ Mercury in Leo in 7th house

Spouse can be involved in creative business. This position also shows that spouse can work in tax and revenue department. Marriage is based on communication and it can be related to occult and mysticism.

Mercury in Leo in eighth house/ Mercury in Leo in 8th house

They can be very analytical and detail oriented in terms of higher education. They also love to collect information in occult and mysticism. At the same time, communication on occult and mysticism can bring authority in life. They can also hold a lot of information and may work secretly for government.

Mercury in Leo in ninth house/ Mercury in Leo in 9th house

The person loves travelling and communicating about religion and philosophy. They can work in far distant places in the field of communication especially in government sector. For instance, they can be government spokesperson working in embassy. They can also be good writer in subjects like philosophy and religion that may help them in earning.

Mercury in Leo in tenth house/ Mercury in Leo in 10th house

The person can work in communication related work. They are creative and skillful. At the same time, they have a great relationship with father and may gain from father.

Mercury in Leo in eleventh house/ Mercury in Leo in 11th house

They can work as counsellor or teacher in big institute in foreign land. At the same time, creative writing can be a source of work. They can earn from creativity. On the other hand, they can also earn from MNC as counsellors.

Mercury in Leo in twelfth house/ Mercury in Leo in 12th house

The native can be a very good author and writer. They can also work as a health counselor in hospitals or accountant in foreign land. They can also be a good government spokesperson.

Any conjunctions or aspects can alter the result.

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