Moon in Gemini in Vedic astrology

Moon in Gemini in Vedic astrology

Moon is our mind, mother, emotions, home, happiness, local government. Gemini is the third zodiac belt and represents business, communication, media. It is a sign of communication and business. Gemini comprises of two and half nakshatra- Mrigashira, Ardra, Punarvasu. Gemini lord is mercury which is a significate of communication. People with moon in Gemini in vedic astrology are very youthful. Here is the detailed analysis of Moon in Gemini in Vedic astrology

Moon In Gemini

People with moon in Gemini are very youthful regardless of age. They are natural entrepreneurs with wide variety of business ideas. They are extremely creative and can also work on multiple ideas. The energy of moon gets equally scattered in Gemini and their peace of mind comes through communication. At the same time, they are communicative and if the person runs through moon mahadasha there is a great tendency of doing business. They can also be good at speculative business like stock market. Communication is very important in their life and they also have lots of hobbies and creative skills.

It also shows that mother is a business lady and highly communicative. Their sexual satisfaction comes through communication. Mercury is mimicking so they can easily adapt communication style of mother. They love kids and can be also in administrative jobs. Their mind gets bored quickly so they always want new things in work space. Creative and artistic field can also help them to maintain the mental stability. They look for partner who is superior intellectually and who can able to communicate with wisdom and high capacity of thoughts. They do not like repetitive task.

In Mrigashira nakshatra, Mars impacts moon. In Ardra nakshatra,Rahu impacts moon. in Punarvasu nakshatra, Jupiter impacts moon.

Let’s study moon in Gemini in all houses. As third, sixth, tenth and eleventh are upachya house the person improves with time

Moon in Gemini in first house/ Moon in Gemini in 1st house

Mother is the key person to instill family values in the person. The person is business oriented and also have a lot of business ideas.

Moon in Gemini in second house/ Moon in Gemini in 2nd house

The person is creative, a pleasant speaker and make money through singing or writing. Mother can also bring a lot of wealth in family.

Moon in Gemini in third house/ Moon in Gemini in 3rd house

The person loves to communicate with sibling and relatives. The person is creative and business oriented. The individual as well as his mother can take up business profession.

Moon in Gemini in fourth house/ Moon in Gemini in 4th house

The person has a emotional connection with mother. The person has good writing ability and can also be a teacher.

Moon in Gemini in fifth house/ Moon in Gemini in 5th house

The person can be in speculative business and business related to healthcare industry.

Moon in Gemini in sixth house/ Moon in Gemini in 6th house

The person can be a health counselor and counsel people in business.

Moon in Gemini in seventh house/ Moon in Gemini in 7th house

The spouse is communicative and has great business ideas. Communication is the basic foundation of marriage.

Moon in Gemini in eighth house/ Moon in Gemini in 8th house

The person can see a lot of ups and downs in life. It also shows mother and native is spiritual. At the same time, they are also interested in occult and mysticism.

Moon in Gemini in ninth house/ Moon in Gemini in 9th house

There can be a loss/change of job during moon MD/AD. The person is skillful, creative and can be good writer. They can also be good at publishing contents.

Moon in Gemini in tenth house/ Moon in Gemini in 10th house

They are good at entrepreneurship. Father can make an impact in career of the native. At the same time, the career of the native can be related to communication.

Moon in Gemini in eleventh house/ Moon in Gemini in 11th house

The person is communicative with network circle and can be a good businessman.

Moon in Gemini in twelfth house/ Moon in Gemini in 12th house

The person can settle in foreign land and can work in foreign company/MNC. The person can also be a creative writer.

Any aspect or conjunction can alter the result.

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