Moon in Libra in Vedic astrology

Moon in Libra in Vedic astrology

Moon is our mind, mother, emotions, home, happiness, local government. Libra is the seventh zodiac sign that represents relationship, business, partnership, dealing with people. It is a sign of relationship. Libra comprises of two and half nakshatra- Chitra, Swati, Vishakha. The planet Venus rules Libra. Here is the detailed analysis of moon in Libra in Vedic astrology

Moon in Libra

They are emotional and peaceful people. The native finds peace of mind while dealing with business or in relationship. Harmony in relationship is very important for them to get the balance of mind. Qualities of moon increases in this sign. They love to resolve conflicts by maintaining harmonious relationship. They are very creative and love to have balanced approach in life. Individuals with moon in Libra like to be in the field of media, acting, creativity, skills, beauty, movies, arts etc. and can also be good counselor or diplomat. It also shows mother has a balanced way of dealing with life and relationship. They love aggressive, impulsive and masculine partner. They love physical activity like exercise, martial arts and yoga.

Mars impacts Moon in chitra nakshatra. Rahu impacts moon in swati nakshatra and in Vishakha nakshatra moon would be impacted by position of moon.

Let’s study moon in Libra in all houses. As 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th are upachya house, the houses improves with time.

Moon in Libra in first house/ Moon in Libra in 1st house

They are emotional and love to be with parents. At the same time, parents bring mental stability in the mind of the native. The person is also creative and imaginative.

Moon in Libra in second house/ Moon in Libra in 2nd house

They have a very emotional speech and can gain from mother and elderly ladies. At the same time, they can also be in family business.

Moon in Libra in third house/ Moon in Libra in 3rd house

They have a balanced way of communication and have a good relationship with sibling. Mother can also play a vital role in developing communication of the native.

Moon in Libra in fourth house/ Moon in Libra in 4th house

The person has a very balanced relationship with mother. At the same time, the person also gets all the benefits and conveyance of home from mother.

Moon in Libra in fifth house/ Moon in Libra in 5th house

They are very romantic. So, their mental balance comes through romantic relationships.

Moon in Libra in sixth house/ Moon in Libra in 6th house

The person can be into nursing and healing fields. On the other hand, mother may need to face lot of obstacles in life.

Moon in Libra in seventh house/ Moon in Libra in 7th house

The person maintains a balanced relationship with spouse and people.

Moon in Libra in eighth house /Moon in Libra in 8th house

They love to keep balance relationship with everyone. Mother can face lot of sudden events in life that can disturb mental balance of the native.

Moon in Libra in ninth house/Moon in Libra in 9th house

The person is inclined to take higher education in health care field. The person is also religious and ritualistic.

Moon in Libra in tenth house /Moon in Libra in 10th house

The person is emotionally attached to work and their balance of mind comes through maintaining good relationships in work space and personal life.

Moon in Libra in eleventh house/Moon in Libra in 11th house

They can be good counsellor and can also work for higher purpose in society.

Moon in Libra in twelfth house/Moon in Libra in 12th house

The person is creative, imaginative and can also get balance of mind in isolated places.

Any aspect, conjunctions can alter the result.

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