Moon in Pisces in Vedic astrology

Moon in Pisces in Vedic astrology

Moon is our mind, mother, emotions, home, happiness, local government. Jupiter rules the spiritual sign, Pisces. It is the twelfth zodiac belt and represents spirituality. Hence, it carries the energy of the twelfth house wherever it goes. Pisces is spirituality, hidden talents, isolated places, working behind the scene, Pisces comprises of two and half nakshatra- Purvabhadrapada, uttarbhadrapada and Revati. Here is the detailed analysis of Moon in Pisces in Vedic astrology

Moon in Pisces

The person can be spiritual and have imaginative mind. They get mental stability in isolated and secluded places which can boost their creativity. They can also have hidden talent and can be in their own imaginative world. At the same time, they can be artistic and can do well in script writing as well as film director. They can have own spiritual beliefs and views, hence, can choose the path of spirituality if they are into meditation. They can also tap into other dimension and can have strong intuition. Meaning of life and spirituality is important for them.

They can be good healers and want to create their own sanctuary. They love kids and love to be parents. At the same time, they set standard in business and also have a spiritual way of working. They are work oriented, helpful, love donation and charity. On the other hand, they are gravitated towards critical, analytical , logical partner. However, they are not happy with life partner as they are always in other dimension. The best match for Pisces sign is with water sign like Cancer, Scorpio. They can have much better situation with Taurus than Capricorn and Virgo.

In purva bhadrapada nakshatra, Jupiter impacts Moon. Saturn impacts position of moon in uttar bhadrapada nakshatra. In Revati nakshatra, Mercury will impact the position of Moon.

Now let’s study Moon in Pisces in all houses. As third, sixth, tenth and eleventh are upachya house, the position improves with time.

Moon in Pisces in first house/Moon in Pisces in 1st house:

They are highly imaginative, helpful and creative people. They are spiritual and share their spiritual wisdom with others. At the same time, mother may play a big role in their life.

Moon in Pisces in second house/Moon in Pisces in 2nd house

They gain wealth by caring and nurturing people. At the same time, they have a spiritual connection with mother.

Moon in Pisces in third house/Moon in Pisces in 3rd house

They have a spiritual and emotional way of communication. They can also be good writers.

Moon in Pisces in fourth house/Moon in Pisces in 4th house

Home environment and mother will be very spiritual. They have a very spiritual outlook in creativity and can also make changes in the field of spirituality.

Moon in Pisces in fifth house/Moon in Pisces in 5th house

They have a very spiritual mind and education may be related to spiritual matters. They can also follow their creative field and career to balance the mind.

Moon in Pisces in sixth house/Moon in Pisces in 6th house

They can be doctor or nurses working in foreign land to serve the underprivileged people. Mother of the native is very spiritual and native may also serve elderly woman.

Moon in Pisces in seventh house/Moon in Pisces in 7th house

The person can be a very creative businessman. They can connect emotionally with people for earning and income. The spouse of the native can also be very spiritual and the person will be very caring about spouse. Fluctuation in marriage is also possible.

Moon in Pisces in eighth house/Moon in Pisces in 8th house

The person understands spirituality through occult and mysticism. They also take deep interest in occult and mysticism.

Moon in Pisces in ninth house/Moon in Pisces in 9th house

The person is know for divine love and spirituality. The person also has higher philosophical learning and spiritual values. At the same time, mother of the native is spiritual lady.

Moon in Pisces in tenth house/Moon in Pisces in 10th house

The person is highly imaginative and creative and has a spiritual mind. They can get fame and authority in society through imagination and creativity.

Moon in Pisces in eleventh house/Moon in Pisces in 11th house

The person can be a part of spiritual organization and can also spread awareness in spirituality.

Moon in Pisces in twelfth house/Moon in Pisces in 12th house

The person is highly spiritual and mother can also be very spiritual and always can travel in foreign land. The person is creative and imaginative and can follow their career in creativity. They can serve others in foreign land through spirituality.

Any aspects and conjunction can alter the result.

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