Moon in Scorpio in Vedic astrology

Moon is our mind, mother, emotions, home, happiness, local government. Scorpio is the eighth zodiac sign that represents sudden events, research, inheritance, serving others, taxes, occult, mysticism and all about transformation. It is one of the mysterious sign. The sign Scorpio shows our karmic debt . Scorpio comprises of two and half nakshatra- Vishakha, Anuradha, Jyestha. Mars and ketu rules Scorpio. Here is the detailed analysis of Moon is Scorpio in Vedic astrology

Moon in Scorpio

Moon in Scorpio is debilitated at 3 degree. As moon is a soft planet, it finds difficult to cope in such a harsh sign as Scorpio rules the eighth house of death and transformation as per kalpurush kundali . This throws an impact on the individual and he can suffer from emotional distress. As moon in mother, it shows intense relationship with mother or mother may be to the field of occult and mysticism. Mother can be a dictator and there may be physical and mental abuse in the childhood of the native if there is no other planetary aspects on moon.

The planet Moon in Scorpio shows sudden dramatic events in the life of the person. They are secretive about friends, relatives and have great intuitive and psychic power. Their feelings are very deep and intense. As they are very passionate and romantic partners, their relationship gets balanced only when there is a deep connection in relationship. On the other hand, they want harmony in relationship but with swift justice. They can be a professional occultist and mystic or anyone in research field. They are also loyal and can have deep knowledge and hidden truth too. As mind is in weak point, the person may not choose right life partner. They can be very good astrologer. They look for partner who is a bit lighter and secured in feeling and people with Taurus nature. Their mother can also be very strict.

Jupiter impacts Moon in Vishakha nakshatra. Saturn impacts moon in Anuradha nakshatra. Mercury impacts moon in Jyestha nakshatra.

Now let’s study moon in Scorpio in all houses. As 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th are upachya house , the result improves with time.

Moon in Scorpio in first house/ Moon in Scorpio in 1st house

The person may get stressed about small things. It also shows sudden transformation in life. On the other hand, the native can be either very religious or may not believe in religion at all. When they are religious , they can be adamant as well as orthodox about their religion.

Moon in Scorpio in second house/ Moon in Scorpio in 2nd house

The person gets stressed , losses peace of mind and face fluctuation of wealth. A normal job can also bring stress for the native. They can be good occultist, researchers, psychics. They can find a job where they can connect emotionally with people.

Moon in Scorpio in third house/ Moon in Scorpio in 3rd house

The person can have fluctuating relationship with siblings. Their relationships also get impacted by sudden events. At the same time, relationship with mother may suffer.

Moon in Scorpio in fourth house/ Moon in Scorpio in 4th house

There may be health related problem or losses that can impact mother and home environment. The native can also be away from mother and home. They can be good occultist working from home and private set up. The person should always take occult practice to gain peace of mind.

Moon in Scorpio in fifth house/ Moon in Scorpio in 5th house

They can be in research oriented studies or occult practice. There can also be traumatic experience in love matters. They are very protective about kids. At the same time, mother can be a strict disciplinarian.

Moon in Scorpio in sixth house/ Moon in Scorpio in 6th house

The family can go through certain transformation and litigation that may end in loosing wealth if moon is in exact degree of debilitation. But if moon is away from debilitation, they can be in teaching or nursing field. They are not risk takers.

Moon in Scorpio in seventh house/ Moon in Scorpio in 7th house

Mother may have a big say in choosing the spouse. The native needs to be careful about interference of mother in marriage because it may ruin the married relationship.

Moon in Scorpio in eighth house/ Moon in Scorpio in 8th house

The person can be highly interested in occult and mysticism. Loss of property due to sudden event is also possible if moon is in the exact degree of debilitation. They can take interest in occult and mysticism.

Moon in Scorpio in ninth house/ Moon in Scorpio in 9th house

The person can be into deep studies in religion, philosophy and occult. Their long distance travel may not bring desired result. At the same time, their relationship with mother may suffer.

Moon in Scorpio in tenth house/ Moon in Scorpio in 10th house

The person may go through sudden transformation or events in his/her career. At the same time, the person can be in healing field or research work.

Moon in Scorpio in eleventh house/ Moon in Scorpio in 11th house

Spouse may take away the earning of the native. At the same time, spouse can also be mentally dominating.

Moon in Scorpio in twelfth house/ Moon in Scorpio in 12th house

The person can be a great psychic and occultist with great imagination and intuition power.

Any aspects and conjunction can alter the result.

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