Moon in Virgo in Vedic astrology

Moon in Virgo in Vedic astrology

Moon is our mind, mother, emotions, home, happiness, local government. Virgo is the sixth zodiac belt and represents healing activities, serving underprivileged, debts, diseases, obstacles . Mercury rules Virgo. Virgo also represents critical and analytical things, being perfectionist, healing abilities etc. The symbol of Virgo shows a lady coming in boat with wheat and herbs that indicates healing and medicines. The zodiac sign comprises of two and half nakshatra- Uttarphalguni, Hasta, Chitra. Here is the detailed analysis of Moon in Virgo in Vedic astrology

Moon in Virgo

Moon is in enemy sign in Virgo. These people are perfectionist, detail-oriented, critical and analytical. They are very critical of others and self critical of themselves that helps them to be a perfectionist. They always look for perfection. However, they love to resolve conflicts and disputes through communication. At the same time, they love to heal and nourish others. This shows profession in law and medical field. They can write about medicinal books and books on social injustice.

They can also be good critics, accountants and can be in finance field. On the other hand, they always want social responsibility. They love appreciation as it encourages them and help them to balance their mind. They can also look for spiritual and calm partner. However, these people always get into disputes and obstacles that can take away their peace of mind. Mother can be in medical field or in job related to nourishing people. They can be fickle minded and Moon in Virgo can also lead to worries and anxiety for unknown consequences, so, meditation is important for them.

Sun impacts moon in uttarphalguni nakshatra. Moon rules hasta nakshatra. Mars impacts moon in chitra nakshatra.

Moon is a wave, so, there will be certain ups and downs related to the house

Let’s study moon in Virgo in all houses. As 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th are upachya house, it improves with time.

Moon in Virgo in first house/ Moon in Virgo in 1st house

The native is focused on himself, health and fitness. The person also gains from mother.

Moon in Virgo in second house/ Moon in Virgo in 2nd house

The person focuses on wealth and family. S/he is perfectionist in speech. At the same time, s/he can be critical of wealth and assets.

Moon in Virgo in third house/ Moon in Virgo in 3rd house

They have a pleasant way of communication. The person is also emotionally attached to siblings. However, mother or siblings can have long term ailments.

Moon in Virgo in fourth house/ Moon in Virgo in 4th house

Person works from home or private office. It also shows wealth and asset from mother.

Moon in Virgo in fifth house/ Moon in Virgo in 5th house

The person has a very analytical mind and there may be up and down in speculative business. They can be good writer and always look for perfection in creativity.

Moon in Virgo in sixth house/ Moon in Virgo in 6th house

The person can be always worried about consequences. The person may have bad impression about his/her mother as the mother always looks for perfection in child. The mother of the native can be in healing service.

Moon in Virgo in seventh house/ Moon in Virgo in 7th house

The person is emotionally attached to their life partner and may criticize the spouse to be a perfectionist.

Moon in Virgo in eighth house/ Moon in Virgo in 8th house

The person can be in medical field and can also be a surgeon. Relationship with in-laws can go through transformation or changes.

Moon in Virgo in ninth house/ Moon in Virgo in 9th house

Mother is very religious and ritualistic. The person also loves to know about religion and philosophy and can seek perfection in philosophy related matters.

Moon in Virgo in tenth house/ Moon in Virgo in 10th house

The person can be in analytical, finance field or can be a surgeon. But s/he can be a very caring person.

Moon in Virgo in eleventh house/ Moon in Virgo in 11th house

The person is detail oriented and can be worried about gains and income of life.

Moon in Virgo in twelfth house/ Moon in Virgo in 12th house

The person can be in medical field in foreign land.

Any aspects, conjunctions will alter the result.

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