Mrigshira nakshatra in astrology

Mrigshira nakshatra in astrology

Mrigshira/ Mrigashira nakshatra is the fifth nakshatra in vedic astrology.

Signs and degrees

Mrigshira/ Mrigashira falls between 23.2 degree Taurus to 6.4 degree Gemini. It extends equally on both sign which is 6.4 degree in Taurus and 6.4 degree in Gemini.


To understand the meaning we split mrigshira nakshatra into two halves, “mrig” means deer and “shira” means head. so Mrigshira means Deer’s head. Deer or deer’s head represents the nakshatra.

Besides planetary dashas, a planet activates itself in the nakshatra it sits. Mrigshira nakshatra activates at the ages of 4th, 8th, 17th, 25th, 34th, 46th, 50th, 65th, 73rd and 79th year. The deity of mrigshira nakshatra is moon and soma.

The lord of the nakshatra is mars. Venus rules the Taurus part of the nakshatra while Mercury rules Gemini part. So we need to analyse position of Mars-Venus or Mars-Mercury position when any planet is in mrigshira nakshatra.


So in order to understand the mythology of Mrigshira nakshatra, we need to step back to understand the mythology of Rohini nakshatra.

The mythology of Rohini nakshatra states that Brahma wanted to incest with Rohini, the daughter of Brahma to create people on earth as beautiful as Rohini. Seeing that, Rohini got scared and ran away.

So Brahma in order to chase her secretly took the form of deer. And here he was searching Rohini through deer head which is Mrigshira.

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Interpretation of Mrigshira nakshatra:

  1. As the nakshatra is symbolically represented by deer so this nakshatra has all the characteristics of deer which is fragile, fickle minded, alert, always moving or quick movement etc.
  2. A deer is always in search of food or something else so research and investigation becomes a part of the nakshatra. They always search for something and have stable energy unless they find it.
  3. We can also consider the story of Kasturi deer which always search for fragrance in the forest whereas the real fragrance is coming from the deer itself. Likewise, those people may always search for happiness in the world in order to realize that real happiness comes from within.
  4. As Brahma took the form of deer to hide himself, such people can be very illusive, secretive or can keep fake profiles to hide themselves.
  5. As the story also shows desire of sex, such people can be very sexual in nature. They are sexual and passionate as the lord of the nakshatra is Mars.

Interest and passions

  1. Even in matter of relationship they can hop from one to another partner to search for happiness.
  2. They can have a lot of interest and hobbies as they always search for happiness and hope that their next interest can be a source of happiness.
  3. In taurus section of the nakshatra, they always look for safety and security. In Gemini they are playful and always enjoy life through actions. They can also be business oriented people.
  4. In Taurus they can be businessman while in Gemini they can be entrepreneurs. They can be great businessman and can work behind the camera.
  5. They have a lot of courage to execute plans as Mars rules the nakshatra. Mars represents the energy. The other sides of Mars here is they don’t like confrontation but want to be in peace.
  6. They are very emotional as their deity is Soma and moon. They are creative and can express themselves emotionally through creativity.

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