Pineal gland meditation and its importance

Pineal gland meditation and its importance


Meditation is very important for well being of every individual . Besides other remedies, I always suggest meditation in my consultation when the person goes through Moon mahadasha. Moon is always up and down wave and moon represents mind. Meditation is very important in moon mahadasha or for weak moon. But it is not necessary that meditation should be done only during moon mahadasha. Everyday one can do meditation. Here we will discuss pineal gland meditation and its importance in astrology.

Why I suggest meditation?

I believe meditation as a very important part of astrology. Why to wear a gemstone when all individuals has the capability to sense conflicts and obstacles before it occurs in life? Meditation always enhances your intuitive power and gives you immense strength to deal with conflicts. Meditation also helps you to know more about yourself, it makes you self aware about your identity. As moon is mind, if you have a stable mind, half of your problems gets solved as you can deal with the problems in a very practical way. If you are always worried and fearful, you may mess up even a pleasant situation. I believe human mind as the utmost strength of every individual. It is just that 90% people do not recognize it.

Pineal gland meditation

Here I am going to describe about Pineal gland meditation. Pineal gland meditation is a type of meditation that activates your third eye. Here are the steps below:

  1. Sit cross leg. Close your eyes.
  2. Concentrate on the head part just above your eyes.
  3. Once you are in the meditative state, concentrate on part of your head just on the side of your ears.
  4. Imagine your brain is in the part of head you concentrated.
  5. Then imagine a purple floodlight, coming out through the brain.
  6. Imagine the purple floodlight on your entire head.
  7. You can also imagine a white light coming through your head and the purple light activating the whole body.
  8. If you are a beginner start with 5 to 10 minutes.

When you should do it?

It is better to do it at night as the energy of the meditation is powerful at night.

How long you should do it to get result?

Well, you can get result within a week or if you are a beginner it can take months. Meditation is a peaceful approach of life. So you should not worry about the result. If you feel peaceful from day 1 or within a week you should continue. The rest will just happen!

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