Purvaphalguni nakshatra in vedic astrology

Purvaphalguni nakshatra is the eleventh nakshatra in vedic astrology.

Signs and degrees:

Purvaphalguni nakshtra falls within 13.2 degree to 26.4 degree of Leo sign. So the nakshatra carries all the traits of Leo sign.

Meaning and representation

Phalguni means reddish or red so purva phalguni means earlier reddish one. It also means a fig tree. Front leg of a bed or cot represents the nakshatra. Swinging hammock also represents it.

The nakshatra (or star) activates itself at the age 5th, 24th, 29th and 37th year ofage.

Bhaga, also known as the God of pleasure, delight and indulgence is the deity of Purvaphalguni, nakshatra lord is Venus and sun is the lord of the sign.

Uttarphalguni nakshatra in vedic astrology


The main story revolves around worshipping of Shiva lingam, the cosmic pillar that balances the universe. As per mythology seven sages were visited by .lord Shiva in naked form and th women folk got scared the sages cursed Shiva that his lingam will fall apart. Shiva accepted it but he told the sages thjat his lingam can be castrated.

But as soon as the lingam fell apart the entire balance of the universe was disturbed and Lord Brahma had to intervene. He immediately ordered the sages to worship the castrated Lingam. Their devotion pleased Shiva and the universe found its balance.

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Purvaphalguni nakshatra pada 1:

The first pada of the nakshatra falls in Leo sign ruled by Sun. It symbolizes self. Intelligent people can use their intellect to educate other people in the surrounding.

Purvaphalguni nakshatra pada 2:

The second pada falls in Virgo navamsa ruled by Mercury. They are hardworking and look for lucrative trade.

Purvaphalguni nakshatra pada 3:

The third pada falls in Libra Navamsa ruled by Venus. Hence, they are creative and peace loving people.

Purvaphalguni nakshatra pada 4:

The fourth pada falls in Scorpio navamsa. Mars rules Scorpio.They are emotional , courageous. At the same time, they focus on family life and introspection.

Interpretation of the nakshatra

  1. Besides royalty and authority, Leo also indicates love and romance which gets its expression from purva phalguni nakshatra
  2. This is the nakshatra of being playful, making love and sex.
  3. Magha nakshatra is the previous nakshatra of Purvaphalguni nakshatra. Throne that shows royalty and authority represents Magha. Purvaphalguni nakshatra shows enjoyment and indulging in pleasure and luxury after acquiring the throne.
  4. Front leg of bed or cot represents the nakshatra. It shows time to relax and enjoy. At the same time, they are very sexual in nature.
  5. The deity lord Bhaga also indicates pleasure, luxury so the nakshatra indicates pleasure of life. On the contrary, they can hurt others if their pleasure is disturbed.
  6. The nakshatra is associated with creativity, hobbies, passion as the lord of the nakshatra is Venus and Leo is the sign of creativity. So, they can earn through creative pursuits.
  7. Venus rules the nakshatra. Venus also indicates wealth and finance. At the same time, these people gains from stocks and shares.
  8. They love to live a luxurious life as the nakshatra associates to luxury and pleasure. They love to have all the fine things in life.
  9. The nakshatra also indicates love making. Hence, it shows child birth too.
  10. Love, romance, luxury, creativity are the main significance or trait of the nakshatra.

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