Pushya nakshatra in vedic astrology

Pushya nakshatra in vedic astrology

Pushya nakshatra is the eighth nakshatra in vedic astrology.

Sign and degrees

Pushya nakshatra extends from 3.2 degrees of Cancer to 16.4 degrees of Cancer. The nakshatra falls entirely within cancer sign so the nakshatra will have characteristics and traits of cancer.

Meaning and representation of Pushya nakshatra:

Pushya comes from the word “Poshan” meaning nourishing and taking care of people. Other meaning includes nourisher or nurturer. “Milk yielding cow’s udder” represents the nakshatra. Cow nourishes its calf as well as others through milk.

Besides planetary maturity Pushya nakshatra activates itself at 16th, 24th and 33rd year of age.

The main deity of Pushya nakshatra is Jupiter and nakshatra lord is Saturn. The lord of Cancer is moon.

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Jupiter was the Great Guru of God. Tara is the wife of Jupiter. Tara was beautiful celestial lady but Jupiter was busy with religious/spiritual matters and has no time to look after Tara. Moon is a friend of Jupiter.

Moon often used to visit Jupiter during which he spelled on Tara. Tara got attracted to Moon and flew away with moon. Jupiter felt cheated and went to other Gods for help and to convince Tara to come back.

Gods went to Tara and made her understand that the act of infidelity or immorality is not good for her. Tara agreed to return but by that time Tara was pregnant with Moon’s child. This give birth to Mercury.

Though mercury was not the son of Jupiter, Jupiter accepted Mercury and raised him like his own son as Jupiter believed a child is innocent and has nothing to do with others mistake. Thats the nature of Pushya , taking care of others unselflessly.

This is also the reason of enemity/friendship of Mercury-moon, mercury-Jupiter in vedic astrology. Mercury later felt that due to mistake of moon and Jupiter, he is treated as illegitimate child by others.

Pushya nakshatra pada 1:

The nakshatra falls in Leo navamsa ruled by Sun. They focus on achievement, riches, family and ancestral pride.

Pushya nakshatra pada 2:

The nakshatra falls in Virgo navamsa ruled by mercury. The focus on the hard work. At the same time, the nakshatra pada can give good materialistic result.

Pushya nakshatra pada 3:

The third pada of the nakshatra falls in Libra navamsa ruled by Venus. They focus on home, luxury, comforts.

Pushya nakshatra pada 4:

The 4th pada of the nakshatra falls in Scorpio navamsa ruled by Mars. It represents occult aspects and native to connect with celestial power.

Interpretation of Pushya nakshatra:

  1. As the nakshatra falls in the middle of cancer sign, the similar traits of the Pushya and Cancer sign makes the nakshatra more potent. It carries the same significance of nourishing and taking care of people.
  2. As the nakshatra comes after Punarvasu which is about rehabilitation, this nakshatra is about health care and nourishing activities.
  3. The nakshatra is not only about health care but also about nourishing others through any activity or means. So it can involve teaching and healthcare.
  4. The nakshatra is all about nourishing and healing others through wisdom and knowledge. Hence, Jupiter is exalted in this nakshatra at 5 degree.
  5. They can also be caregiver or teacher or guide.
  6. Infidelity is a part of the mythological story. Hence, relationship based planet in this nakshatra may lead to infidelity in relationship.
  7. As Jupiter adopted Mercury in mythological story, the native can have an inclination towards adopting child.
  8. They can love anyone equally and selflessly . Hence, they can be seen as universal mother or father. They can also serve the under privileged people.
  9. They can have work related to cow’s milk or udder which is the representation of the nakshatra.
  10. As the nakshatra is in the middle of cancer sign, the native needs protection, safety and security.
  11. Pushya nakshatra works best when someone serve others selflessly.
  12. Saturn rules Pushya nakshatra. Hence the native realizes the act of selfless service later in life and after a lot of hardships.

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