Role and importance of Rahu in astrology

Role and importance of Rahu in astrology

What is Rahu?

Rahu is not a physical planet. Rahu is known as dragon’s head or north node of the moon. It is a powerful malefic planet. Rahu is a shadowy planet which has distinctive impact in human life. Rahu is a mathematical point but they are very real. It is also dual in nature. It can make one a thief or can make one a spy or detective. Rahu works mysteriously and has a retrogade motion. Rahu and ketu is only visible during solar eclipse or lunar eclipse . In Vedic astrology, Rahu is obsession and illusion. Rahu is also magic – anything that can fool people. At the same time, Rahu is visual reality, gadgets and software, digital things, video and electronic things. It shows future karma. Below is the detailed analysis of role and importance of Rahu in astrology

How Rahu works

Rahu is an outcast planet and behaves mysteriously. It is a rebel and always tries to find shortcut. Rahu is also unexpected result. Rahu longs for freedom. Thieves, robbers are Rahu. Anything material is Rahu. Rahu is glamour and fame as Rahu wants to be praised and Rahu is a psychopath. Rahu is sudden rise in status and wealth and at the same time, it is addiction, drugs, alcohol. It also takes people to different realm. Rahu represents umbrellas , sunglasses. Rahu is the atmosphere of earth. The native always tries to go high.

Rahu is astronaut, outer space. Rahu is women with loose character. It also represents grandfather, grandmother, scientist, poisons, drugs, graveyard, bars, politician, mysterious diseases, gambling, death, darkness. The main qualities of Rahu is enmity, diseases and debts. AT the same time, Rahu cannot differentiate between right and wrong so the native may take wrong decision. Rahu can also bring misfortunes and tortures of life.

Planetary configuration

Rahu takes 18 years to complete its dasha. Rahu stays 1.5 years in each zodiac sign. It gives positive result in cancer as it is considered to be in moolatrikona sign.
Rahu is exalted in Taurus and debilitated in Scorpio. Rahu is friendly with mercury, Venus, Saturn and enemy of sun and moon. It is neutral to Jupiter and Mars. Rahu gets strength in upachya house especially third, sixth, tenth and eleventh house. Rahu in combination with good planet provides good result though it takes away some of the good qualities of planet with which it is placed. It is strong in Virgo sign.

Rahu with Venus makes the native desirous, Rahu Jupiter can also give rise to Guru Chandal yoga. Rahu Mars in Scorpio can also give profession in intoxicants like opium, liquor, other drugs. The planet Rahu with Mercury can give rise to business profession. Rahu with mercury in an inauspicious position can also make the native unlucky. Rahu symbolizes knowledge but with malefic planet it can have a reverse impact and the native can be mentally imbalanced.

Positive and Negative characteristics of Rahu

A positively placed Rahu can give name, fame and success. The celebs often have Rahu well placed that gives them fame. It also awards the native with psychic ability to sense the wrong. The native can be a diplomat who can take advantage of loopholes. The native can be good politician. He can also be disciplined and thoughtful. The native can be fearless, self-confident and brave. At the same time, the native likely to get ancestral property. He has an inner desire to gain immense wealth.

The native with influence of Rahu loves worldly comfort but despite all the comforts and prosperity the native may be restless. A negatively placed Rahu makes the native manipulative, uncultured, selfish and ignorant. The native can gain wealth through shady activities like smuggling, gambling etc. Rahu increases hostilities.
Rahu with mars can be brutal and violent.


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