Rahu in all houses of vedic astrology

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Today I am going to discuss rahu in all houses in vedic astrology. The house in which Rahu placed shows that we are curious about that house while ketu is placed in the position we think we already accomplished. Rahu & ketu always teach us lessons in life. Rahu is obsession, the materialistic desire while ketu hates materialistic world. Ketu is about spirituality, enlightenment, moksha. If we look at mythology Rahu and ketu are same thing but completely different. No one still predicted exactly about the characteristics of rahu ketu precisely as both work in mysterious ways. Below is the detailed description of Rahu in all houses of Vedic astrology

Rahu & ketu are shadowy planet. They are the north and south node of the moon. Rahu & ketu is smoky in nature. Rahu ketu both shows separation, desires, unsatisfaction but in a different way. So today we will discuss about the contrasting character of Rahu ketu. Here I will discuss about Rahu ketu placement. Check how they produce same result but in different ways.

Ketu in astrology

Rahu in first House

In vedic astrology Rahu in first house makes a person good politician. It gives a smoky personality to the person. Rahu in first House shows you may travel to foreign land. The person becomes self critical about their look as well as personality and character. At the same time, they are confused about themselves. As Rahu is a smoky planet they have a smoky and illusive character. The person keeps on changing their perspective. They don’t have a clear direction or focus in life. The person will be selfish and they want special attention from their partner or from other people.

They will bored of marriage and relationship easily. The person will be very materialistic and always want abundance in the most short cut way. Rahu is fear and so these people have some unknown fear. They are insensitive towards emotions and griefs of society and family. But at the same time, they become obsessed with children and their education. They may have many romantic partners. They love a lot of children. The person will have a unconventional approach towards religion and try to break taboo of religion. They may have a weird way of approaching towards religion. They have their own belief system.

Rahu in second house

In vedic astrology Rahu in second house can give extreme wealth to the person but he will not be able to save wealth. Rahu in second house may cause problem in speech. It may also make someone a liar or very aggressive about speech. Rahu in second house can separate someone from family or the person may settle away from birthplace. Their early education may be disrupted. If there is aspect of any malefic planet on Rahu, it shows that the person may steal wealth of others. Rahu from second house aspect the sixth house which shows the person must be careful while dealing withe enemies. While Rahu aspect on tenth House shows that the person must be careful in choosing his career or dealing with career.

Rahu in third house

In vedic astrology Rahu in 3rd house makes a person extremely good in communication. They can be best businessman, salesman and marketing executives. They may have fear of success. The person will have excellent writing ability or any artistic or manual work. Rahu in third house can also create magician as it shows illusion with hands. They can be frauds too in term of communication if rahu is misplaced. Rahu can give clashes with younger siblings. At the same time, they are intense workers and can have a lot of wealth. From third house, Rahu aspects the seventh house of marriage and relationship which shows great effort required in marriage and partnership. Rahu then aspects eleventh house which shows that huge gain of wealth.

Rahu in fourth house

The position of Rahu in fourth house in vedic astrology can make one hungry of land, property and real estates. They can easily become real estate brokers. They find their peace of mind in foreign land. Rahu in fourth house also shows that the native may got separated from parents at early age or the person may have Foster parents. It can also show that the person has home in foreign land or settled in foreign land. They are hungry of financial security. Rahu aspect 8th house shows that the person is obsessed about joint inheritance, insurance and assets or in mysticism. Rahu aspect on 12th House shows inclination to spirituality. Such people can get peace of mind through spirituality and occult.

Rahu in fifth house

Rahu in 5th house in vedic astrology can give huge fame to someone. 5th house represents entertainment, media, cinema, sports, ancient text, speculative business and creativity. It shows that someone can be a celebrity with Rahu in 5th house. At the same time, they love a lot of children. Rahu in 5th house can make someone a stock broker too. They love to be the center of attraction. They love to read ancient texts and studies and can indulge in a lot of romantic affairs.

Rahu in sixth house

In vedic astrology sixth house is one of the best position of Rahu. As Rahu indicates cheating, it shows that the person can easily cheat enemies in order to achieve his higher goal. They can easily deceive enemies and win over them. It shows some of the best litigation lawyer, doctor. They love to be in the group of privileged one. As sixth house represents divorce it shows a good divorce lawyers. The doctors in this position also shows a sneaky doctor who always wants to gain additional money.As Rahu aspects 10th house it also represents drug dealers if mercury and mars are not well placed. In due time Rahu can make a lot of money through previliged groups.

They also have a veil of helping others but the actual reason may be for their own benefit. They can also open up a lot of charity for their own benefit. But they have a lot of guilt within. Rahu aspects 2nd house which shows a lot of wealth. 6th house is upachya house and it always gives better result with time. They may suffer from rare disease as 6th house is the house of diseases and illness, so you must take a second opinion on illness.

Rahu in seventh house

In vedic astrology 7th house is the house of marriage, business partnership, legal binding. Rahu in 7th house gives huge fame to the person in certain signs and nakshatra . if 3rd and 5th house is very strong and Rahu in 7th house it can give extreme fame. They can be excellent businessman.They can make huge network of friends. It also shows spouse from foreign land, culture or ethnicity or spouse from same culture but marriage in foreign land. They can also give good lawyers. Rahu in 7th house shows that they are never satisfied with spouse. It can also lead to extramarital affair. Rahu is also a significator of second marriage it shows that they may get deceived after marriage and their spouse may be very materialistic or they may be very cunning . So one or other way there will be infidelity from one or other person.

Rahu in eighth house

Rahu in 8th house shows that someone interested in occult and hidden knowledge. They can do good business on coal, mining, jewellery. They can make a good government or spy detective. Rahu wants to know all the secret of world. They also have good ability to learn tantra, mantra. Rahu in 8th house shows inlaws from foreign land. They will be very good to in laws. They are very secret about things related to sex and can be good surgeon as Rahu can dig deep. At the same time, they can save a lot. They feel detached from family and can have cursed speech.


Rahu in ninth house

Rahu in 9th house shows that the person will be obsessed with education. They will have their own religious beliefs. They can be spiritual guru but they will have their own religion. As Rahu is foreign, it shows spiritual leader/ mystic who have their own religion. They will also be privileged to know the ancient text. They will be rebellious and will not follow teachers and teaching of father. Rahu in 9th house takes a person to foreign land. If they cannot have their own religion they often adopt a new religion. They write unusual things


Rahu aspect 1st house and 5th house shows that they can be good achievers in education. They can have a lot of children. They have unusual creativity with unusual personality.

Rahu in tenth house

Rahu in tenth house shows that the person want authority and fame. they struggle hard to achieve their professional goal. They work hard to be successful. They can be clever politician by deceiving people. At the same time, they can get into fights and argument with father. Rahu can make one poetic as Rahu is drama and illusion. It also represents cinema so some of the good actors can have Rahu in 10th house. It can also land one in foreign land for career purpose.

Rahu aspect 2nd house shows that they can lie and may have distant relationship with family. As Rahu aspect 6th house shows that they can destroy enemies by deceiving them.

Rahu in eleventh house

Rahu in 11th house can give huge income. The person become obsessissive about wealth and money. It also creates a huge network circle which can help him to earn continuously. Rahu in 11th house also shows that tha person may have secret source of income. The person may have many followers. Osho Rajneesh had Rahu in 11th house. Rahu must be placed alone to give the result in 11th House. It also shows gain through marriage.

Rahu in twelfth house

Rahu in 12th house makes one connected to the people of foreign land. It can lead to different career. As 12th house indicates prison the person can also be associated with jail or prison. It is a good position of rahu for foreign trade and business. Rahu in 12th house also represents working behind the scenes the person can be a director.

Rahu also represents imagination which shows good writer. The person can also be inclined to spirituality or can be a spiritual leader. The final destination depends on the position of other planets. Due to malefic nature of Rahu the person can be away from homeland or may get separated from homeland. Rahu aspects 4th house which shows away from homeland and 8th house which is again a moksha house that can lead to salvation or liberation.

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