Rahu moon/Moon Rahu conjunction in astrology

Rahu moon conjunction/Moon Rahu conjunction in astrology

Rahu represents illusion, obsession, foreign things, toxins, poisons, drugs, fame, wealth, success, cheating, fear, breaking taboo, unique things. Moon is mind, emotion, mother, expression, local government, peace, water, milk, happiness. Here is the detailed analysis of Rahu Moon/Moon Rahu conjunction in astrology

Rahu Moon Conjunction

The conjunction is formed when Rahu eclipses moon and overshadows the moon. Rahu moon conjunction can create highly emotional individual. The person may not find stability in emotions at early life. As Rahu is obsession and illusion, the person become obsessed about their needs. They do not want to listen to anyone if they need something. They can be raised by foster parents especially mother and can also have unusual ways of conceiving like test tube baby etc. There can also be a tendency of complication in pregnancy. Adopting child can also be seen through this conjunction though Saturn will play a huge role in adoption. The person can deceit others and s/he may find success in foreign land.

It is a difficult conjunction. The health of mother suffers due to this conjunction. Mother also faces hardship in life. It also shows a very unusual relationship with mother or over expectation from mother. Mother can also be absent in the life of the person. The person can also be obsessive about relationship. The native can stalk people if the conjunction is in 5th and 7th house. This conjunction in 12th house shows lots of psychic abilities . It can also bring mental diseases like OCD, depression or suicidal tendencies. The person can be short tempered and can involve in physical fights. At the same time, the person can be very good writer and can give tremendous amount of imagination especially in 5th, 12th and 8th house. The person will like fame and easy gains.

Now let’s study Rahu moon conjunction in all houses:

Rahu moon conjunction in first house/ Rahu moon conjunction in 1st house

The person can be confused about life path in early part of life. Struggle and effort can only give success.

Rahu moon conjunction in second house/ Rahu moon conjunction in 2nd house

The person can get extreme wealth but can be greedy of wealth of other people. At the same time, the conjunction impacts family life of the native. The speech of the person needs to be taken care. It is somehow a good position among all the positions.

Rahu moon conjunction in third house/ Rahu moon conjunction in 3rd house

The person can be a good businessman or spokesperson if Mercury and Venus are strong. The native shows interest in media or communication but can also exaggerate while communication. This conjunction in third house can impact relationship with sibling.

Rahu moon conjunction in fourth house/ Rahu moon conjunction in 4th house

The person will be passionate about conveyance and comfort of life but family life, peace of home would be disturbed.

Rahu moon conjunction in fifth house/ Rahu moon conjunction in 5th house

Relationship with children or birth of children and romantic affairs can be hampered but it can give gains from stocks, politics, business, acting etc.

Rahu moon conjunction in sixth house/ Rahu moon conjunction in 6th house

Mother can be affected the most. If the native is female even the native will be affected as mother. The person can overcome disputes and struggle in daily life. They can gain from enemies but illness and diseases needs to be taken care though it will improve after 30. It can also impact the job of the native till 35.

Rahu moon conjunction in seventh house/ Rahu moon conjunction in 7th house

The person can get fame and success in business but married life can suffer. The person can also have a questionable character or can get ill fame.

Rahu moon conjunction in eighth house/ Rahu moon conjunction in 8th house

The person can have secret illicit relationship, it can also give interest in occult and mysticism. The person can suffer from illness and accidents. The conjunction can also lead to depression and anxiety.

Rahu moon conjunction in ninth house/ Rahu moon conjunction in 9th house

The native can gain extreme heights but it will also give sorrows and misery.

Rahu moon conjunction in tenth house/ Rahu moon conjunction in 10th house

It can give long lasting fame in workplace and politics. The native will also have great leadership qualities.

Rahu moon conjunction in eleventh house/ Rahu moon conjunction in 11th house

It can give good gain from mother and sudden unexpected gains.

Rahu moon conjunction in twelfth house/ Rahu moon conjunction in 12th house

Loss of stability in life and the native can be extremely spiritual or involve in bed pleasure.

After 35, the conjunction calms down as Rahu removes the eclipse from the moon. The severity of the conjunction becomes low if Jupiter aspect or control the conjunction.


Meditation especially when Rahu moon conjunction takes place in dustana houses like 6th, 8th and 12th.

Leading a simple life and not paying much attention to the luxuries of life.

Praying Lord Shiva.

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