Retrograde Jupiter or Exalted Jupiter in Astrology

Retrograde Jupiter or Exalted Jupiter in Astrology

Jupiter represents wealth, knowledge, optimism, wisdom, family, celebration, children, marriage, education, spirituality. Jupiter is one of the benefic planet in Vedic astrology. Today I am going to discuss about retrograde Jupiter or exalted Jupiter in astrology.

Retrograde Jupiter

Retrograde planet has a great impact on our human life. It( retrograde) is a state of the planet when the planet is very close to earth and the rays of the planet are reaching the earth without any filtration by sun rays so it has maximum impact on human life. A retrograde Jupiter creates confusion about spirituality. But eventually the native succeeds. While achieving their success in spirituality, the native becomes thoughtful about religion and faith. So the native starts researching different religion and faith and finally the native concludes that God is one. The native may have hard time in education too. The native may find spiritual teacher but the native is confused. As the native gains enough knowledge in religion and spirituality, the native may question spiritual gurus and religious practices.

The native may suffer from financial problem at early 20 as the native is very bad in managing money at early part of life. Between 35 to 50 the native becomes cautious about finance. When you see a retrograde Jupiter placed with moon the native is happy but confused. After late 30 the native becomes very spiritual as they face immense setback in life.

The result will be more visible during Jupiter MD/AD.

Exalted Jupiter

Jupiter is exalted in 5 degree in cancer which is the fourth zodiac sign. It is exalted because Jupiter is knowledge, compassion and cancer is one of the motherly nourishment and teaching of mother. As teaching of mother is most important wisdom in anyone life so Jupiter is exalted here. The native wants to share knowledge and he wants to uplift society for better.The native can be best teacher, guru and preacher.If not in academics, the native can be a good preacher in his own creative field. The native feels happy as s/he shares knowledge as it gives him/her immense peace of mind.

If Jupiter is in first, fifth and ninth house the native becomes very learned and loves education. If Jupiter in ken dra then the native can be a financer , economist and change the economy of world for better purpose. Jupiter in kama house can bring lot of wealth that is 3,7,11. But Saturn and Venus is the main reason for wealth. When Jupiter is exalted but if Saturn and Venus is weak the native may earn less even after gaining knowledge.

Then the nakshatra will impact the result of Jupiter. Jupiter in punarvasu nakshatra is in its own nakshatra so Jupiter is very happy in this nakshatra, in pushya nakshatra we need to see the position of saturn, in ashlesha nakshatra we need to see the position of Mercury.

The result will be visible only during Jupiter MD/AD

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