Rohini nakshatra in vedic astrology

Rohini nakshatra is the fourth nakshatra in vedic astrology.

Sign and degree:

Rohini nakshatra is the fourth nakshatra that is between 10 degree and 23.2 degree of Taurus. As the whole nakshatra of Rohini is within Taurus so it takes some of the characteristics of Taurus sign.

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Meaning and representation

Rohini nakshatra derives its name from the word Arohan that means moving forward, growing, rising and it means “growing one”. Rohini means the red one, blushing bride. At the same time, Rohini is the most fertile and creative constellation in the entire zodiac. This is a very feminine nakshatra and Agni’s wife Swaha represents it.

Chariot and charioteer represents the nakshatra. Sometimes, bull or ox represents the nakshatra as Taurus is represented by bull.

Rohini nakshatra activates at the age of 3rd,11th, 24th, 29th, 36th, 63rd, 72nd, 83rd and 84th years of age. Besides planetary maturity and dashas , activation of nakshatra also plays a great role in giving result.

The deity of Rohini nakshatra is Brahma. The lord of Rohini is moon and sign lord is Venus.


As per mythology, Rohini was the most beautiful wife of moon due to which moon used to ignore other wives as he was obsessed with the beauty of Rohini nakshatra. This made other wives of moon jealous of Rohini nakshatra.

The other story of Rohini nakshatra states that Rohini was the daughter of Brahma and she was the most beautiful lady.

When Lord Brahma wanted to create the universe, he wanted to create beautiful people like Rohini and to create such beauty like Rohini Brahma had to have sex with Rohini. Now as the story looks controversial there are various interpretation of Rohini nakshatra.

Interpretation of Rohini nakshatra:

  1. As Rohini nakshatra is all about creativity, such people are very creative and can go to any level to follow their passion. They are very possessive about their partner and sometimes jealous if partners pay attention to others. Even others can be jealous of them so the best way to ward off jealousy of others is to appreciate them.
  2. They want constant attention from their spouse or else they can feel betrayed. So if seventh lord is in rohini than the person must appreciate his/her spouse frequently.
  3. As Rohini is in the sign of Taurus , material wealth and luxuries are prime importance of the nakshatra. So moon even though exalted in krittika feels best in rohini because the nakshatra is all about beauty and wealth.
  4. Rohini is also nakshatra of security, safety and stability so the native can be all about hoarding wealth, luxuries and conveyances of life.
  5. They have a very balanced mind as moon is in the sign of exaltation. They feel imbalanced only when they do not have enough resources.
  6. As chariot or chariot driver represents the nakshatra, they focus on moving ahead in life or love to grow in life. They are ambitious.
  7. They can be good businessman because in business people move from one target to another. Business wise this is one of the best nakshatra to have.
  8. The nakshatra denotes chariot. hence, they show interest in travelling or communication.
  9. They have a strong sexual desire if any relationship planet is in rohini nakshatra.
  10. They can have a strong affinity to pink. At the same time, they are sensual and have natural glow.
  11. As venus and moon are watery sign in Taurus, it produces kapha due to which they can gain weight. Praying to lord ganesha can be a remedy for rohini nakshatra people.

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