Role and Importance of Mars in astrology

Role and Importance of Mars in astrology

Mars is red , dry, fiery, furious and masculine planet. Mars has 108 names. The numerological number for Mars is 9. Mars is the physical and mental strength of every person. If moon and mercury are well placed , the native with strong mars never faces dilemma in taking decisions. The planet rules the courage and confidence. Mars also represents warrior, soldiers, builders, engineers and real estate business. Here is the detailed analysis of role and importance of Mars in astrology

Mars as a planet

Mars is a very reddish planet so everything red is mars. The planet Mars is hot like sun but Mars represents the violence of fire. Firemen, firefighter, policeman, athlete are represented by mars. The native who is greatly influenced by Mars does not want life to be smooth. The native wants to compete and win over enemies. Mars are technical tools or technician or technical field like electrical engineer. If mars is strong the native can also choose administrative field. Mars is war and fights and weapons of all kinds. It also represents male friends, boyfriend, siblings, brothers. Mars also represents construction workers or any uniform.

Mars can represents surgeon. At the same time, Mars is karaka of real estate or land that you want to acquire. Victory and winning competition is mars. Mars also represents sex. In extreme cases it can show robbers, rapists, thieves, accident, hunting, slaughterhouse and butcher. Mars also represents red meat. Mars is police station and arena for sports. The strength of Mars should be seen by position of moon. Debilitated mars shows more hard work. Mars is exalted in Capricorn. This shows that the native is law abiding and never does illegal activities. Mars also represents the fire of the marriage ritual. Mars is discipline so spiritual practice needs a strong mars. The native looks young with mars as ascendant. The native also have a masculine body.

Blood represents mars. Mars is muscles, head, brain, gall bladder, chest or blood. It represents pitta or fire elements in the body and also represents kapha or water element of the body.

Strong Mars

Mars is yogakaraka for Cancer and Leo ascendant. The native is bestowed with prosperity and wealth. Mars is the ruler of Aries and Scorpio. So Aries Mars shows open aggressiveness and Scorpio Mars shows secretive aggressiveness. Mars is exalted at 28 degree in Capricorn so the native with Mars in Capricorn are full of energy and vigor. Mars also performs well in Aries and Scorpio. So the native with those placement are brave and courageous. The native has a great fighting spirit and never gives up on failure. The native is bold, daring and revolutionary.

The result of Mars is more favorable after the age of 31 years when Mars gain maturity.

Weak Mars

A weak mars can bring mental problem. The native can suffer from blood diseases, accident, lack of decision making, headaches, skin allergies, injuries and wounds.

Retrograde and Combust Mars

Combust mars shows more aggression. It shows the native gets irritated a lot. A manglik dosha of combust mars shows loosing your patience in minor things. A combust mars also shows that the body parts signifying mars will be irritated most. Too much consumption of meat is not good for such native. The native should not consume food that generates heat in body. So an exalted mars is always better. A retrograde or combust Mars gives result only after 30. Till then the native is confused about taking decisions. The native is also very lethargic.

Debilitated Mars

Mars looses its directional strength in fourth house. Mars is debilitated in the sign of cancer. The debilitation point is 28 degrees. Cancer is an emotional sign which is about motherhood and nourishment. Mars is a fighter and soldier. So Mars is frustrated in cancer as it is not comfortable in an emotional sign. It also indicates harm to mother. Mars is clever and manipulative in the sign. It shows home environment is full of deceivers or lower type of emotions in family.

But in 21st century debilitated Mars can give good result as Mars is clever and manipulative which can do well in business. The native is extremely protective of environment. The emotion of the native is also screwed up. If Mars is at debilitation point in seventh house then the native can cheat partner while debilitated Mars in fourth house shows that the native can scam people of real estate business. The native can also take illegal action. A debilitated mars in Punarvasu nakshatra can cheat teacher while in Pushya nakshatra Mars can be a bit controlled. While Mars in Ashlesha nakshatra can suffer lot of abuse and turbulent atmosphere in life.

Aspect of Mars and its meaning

Mars has special aspect in astrology. There are three aspects of Mars- Mars aspect fourth, seventh and eighth house from itself. Mars want to overpower those houses. Mars in Leo, Pisces, Sagittarius, Cancer and Capricorn is aggressive. While Mars in Taurus and Libra is peacemaker. The fourth aspect of Mars shows fighting & protecting people of homeland. Mars eighth aspect shows dealing with fears. The native with Mars in first house are action oriented. The fourth aspect shows very protective about mother and home. The native also loves to collect weapons. The seventh aspect shows the spouse has a dominating relationship with native. The aspect on eighth house shows the native win over enemies. In short, the fourth aspect is conquering something, seventh is lusting while eighth is killing something. The fourth and eighth aspect of Mars also shows how much you can control your aggression and enemies.

Mars has 100 % aspect on fourth and eighth house and 25% aspect on seventh aspect.

Mars gets its directional strength in tenth house and looses its strength in fourth house.

Performance of Mars in all signs

  • Mars in Aries, Leo, Sagittarius : Action oriented, go getter. They follow the law of the society
  • Mars in Capricorn: Exalted and law abiding
  • Mars in Aquarius: Repetitive work before 30. If Saturn not well placed , Mars energy can get frustrated. Mars does well after 30.
  • Mars in Cancer: Debilitated. If no support the native’s action may not have proper direction.
  • Mars In Taurus: Neutral and balanced. They are peaceful.
  • Mars in Gemini or Virgo: Agitated and dominating energy. They get bored of daily routine.
  • Mars in Pisces: Not interested to achieve anything except things coming in its own.
  • Mars in Scorpio: Extremely determined to achieve anything.

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