Saraswati yoga in astrology

Saraswati yoga in astrology

Mantreshwar wrote Saraswati yoga in astrology. “Saraswati” as the name suggest, this yoga makes a person knowledgeable, wise and intellectual. But before we proceed with Saraswati yoga in astrology we must check the quality of the planet:

Benefic: Jupiter, Venus, Waxing moon
Malefic: Saturn, Mars, Rahu, Ketu, Waning moon
Mild malefic : Sun
Neutral: Mercury. Mercury always cheers the planet it sits with. Mercury with benefic planet like Jupiter is benefic in nature while with malefic planet like Saturn, is malefic in nature.

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Saraswati Yoga

The yoga occurs when Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are either in Kendra or trikona house (#1,4,5,7,9,10 house). If the three planets are placed separately, still they will form Saraswati yoga but the planets should be placed in kendra. The impact of the yoga is more when they sit strongly in kendra or trikona houses. It may loose its strength in dustana houses.

The person can acquire lot of intelligence and wisdom in life. The house/sign will decide the nature of knowledge , they will gain. They can also be good in composing, writing, poetry and arts. Jupiter gives divine intelligence or wisdom, mercury gives intelligence and on the other hand Venus gives artistic abilities to the person. The native is very creative, intellectual and believes in divine love. They attract people with artistic skills. For example : if the conjunction taken place in Aries, the person can gain knowledge in technology. It can make one a great orator as Mercury is the planet of communication. They are very feminine and they love their teachers. The major impact is found during dasha, antardasha of the planet. The conjunction gives a lot of knowledge , hence, Saraswati yoga.

They can have very high expectations from their spouse or partner.

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