Saturn in Aries in different houses in vedic astrology

Saturn is restriction, limitations, boundary, delay, frustrations, hard work and labor, service. Saturn is karmic debt of our life. Aries is a fiery sign ruled by Mars. It is the first zodiac sign that represents self , personality, aggression, action, competitive ability. Aries comprises of two and half nakshatra- Ashwini, Bharani, Krittika. Here is the detailed analysis of Saturn in Aries in different houses in vedic astrology

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Saturn in Aries

Saturn is action. In Aries Saturn can give life long struggle in achieving things related to the house. The result can be seen in mid 30. They can be in continuous repetitive actions in those matters. They are workaholic. Hard work and perseverance will be the key to success. Saturn is Aries can make a person hardworking and accident prone. Saturn also represents weak bones and teeth and person can get things with delay and hard work. They also need to work a lot to gain little fame. They win battle after lot of struggle and they can face lot of competition and obstacles in life. A debilitated Saturn with Venus can make one abusive to partners.

In Ashwini nakshatra, position of Ketu would impact Saturn. In Bharani nakshatra, position of Venus would impact Saturn. Position of Sun would impact Saturn in Kritika nakshatra. Mars will have highest impact on Saturn.

Exalted, moolatrikona and debilitated planet

Now let’s study Saturn in Aries in all houses

As 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th are upachya house , the person improves with time

Saturn in Aries in first house/ 1st house:

The person can face delay in choosing right life path and right career. They get success only after mid 30. He will also have to go through hardship and they get success only after hard work. They have a serious outlook in life. They are disciplined and may have a sense of under achievement in life.

Saturn in Aries in second house/ 2nd house:

The person may face poverty in early part of life and saving money can be a problem till mid 30. They are cautious about money in later part of life.

Saturn in Aries in third house/ 3rd house:

They need to do a lot of hard work for achieving success in life or business and success in life can be achieved after mid 30.

Saturn in Aries in fourth house/ 4th house:

The person can have distant relationship with mother. They can have hard time in saving money till mid life.

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Saturn in Aries in fifth house/ 5th house:

The person may face hard time in completing education. Education can be blocked in early part of life and the person may also need to leave everything for education.

Saturn in Aries in sixth house/ 6th house:

The person can be into disputes and litigation and can loose peace of mind. The person can also be good in legal and medicine field.

Saturn in Aries in seventh house/ 7th house:

The position shows delay in marriage till mid 30. Marriage will also come with lot of responsibilities.

Saturn in Aries in eighth house/ 8th house:

Saturn can give chronic illness but bestow the individual with long life. Relationship with in-laws improves after 30.

Saturn in Aries in ninth house/ 9th house:

They can be critical of gurus or teaching of father at early part of life. Marriage must be delayed till 30.

Saturn in Aries in tenth house/ 10th house:

The person can have distant relationship with father. At the same time, authority in life can only be achieved after sheer hard work.

Saturn in Aries in eleventh house/ 11th house:

The person can get money only after hard work. Money comes gradually after mid 30.

Saturn in Aries in twelfth house/ 12th house:

The person may face struggle in reaching to foreign lands. And if they reach they may find hard to go back to their birth place. The person also can get help and money from foreign land only after mid 30.

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