Saturn in Gemini in different houses in vedic astrology

Saturn is restriction, limitations, boundary, delay, frustrations, hard work and labor, service. Saturn is karmic debt of our life. It is the boss of workplace, challenges, lesson of life, old age. In body parts Saturn indicates teeth, bones, diseases, organization, discipline, structure. Mercury rules dual sign, Gemini . Gemini is the third zodiac sign
that represents communication, marketing, business, business ideas . Gemini comprises of two and half nakshatra- mrigshira, ardra, punarvasu. Mercury is the indicator of communication. Here is the detailed analysis of Saturn in Gemini in different houses in vedic astrology

Saturn in Gemini:

Saturn in Gemini is in friendly sign but Saturn delays things wherever it is
placed. So, it can delay the speech of the kid. If mercury is not in good position, it can  also lead to speech disabilities. If mercury is ill placed and hemmed with malefic  it can lead to stammering in speech. They can be silent as a kid or when they are growing up. They always feel that they are misunderstood by people if they say something. At the same time, they realize their mistakes and slowly improves with communication. They can be good communicators, they also needs to improve on their writing. They need to work hard in communication with perseverance. However, they can do well in technical  field,business but after the age of 35.

Position of mars would impact Saturn in mrigshira nakshatra. In
ardra nakshatra, Rahu would impact Saturn. In punarvasu nakshatra, position of Jupiter would impact Saturn.

Saturn in Gemini in first house/ Saturn in Gemini in 1st house:

The person may find it difficult in choosing the right life path. The
career of the person can get settled after 35. Hence, the person needs to be
disciplined and structured while choosing right life path. There can be delay in marriage till 35. The person can have a serious out look in life and may face hardship in life.

Saturn in Gemini in second house/ Saturn in Gemini in 2nd house:

The family life of the person can get delayed till mid 30. The person may
face difficult in saving money till mid age. They can be misers as they see the lack of money or financial crisis in early childhood. Success comes only after hard work.

Saturn in Gemini in third house/ Saturn in Gemini in 3rd house:

Saturn in third house always shows a high chance of business. The person can take up business in their mid 30s. They do not like speaking much but loves to write. Restricted relationship with younger siblings. They realize their skills and marketing in later phase of life. They do not have good relation with younger sibling till later phase of life.

Saturn in Gemini in fourth house/ Saturn in Gemini in 4th house:

Person can have distant or stressful relationship with mother. They can be
away from home and mother in early life. They can earn only through hard work, dedication and effort. They can get good gains from real estate and earnings can come from authority position in foreign land or MNC.

Saturn in Gemini in fifth house/ Saturn in Gemini in 5th house:

Education of the native can get delayed. The person can face few break up in romantic life at early age. The position also shows delayed marriage and childbirth. The person can be interested in scientific and technological studies.

Saturn in Gemini in sixth house/ Saturn in Gemini in 6th house:

They can be social activist and also have healing abilities. They may
need to be in repetitive job for long hours.

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Saturn in Gemini in seventh house/ Saturn in Gemini in 7th house:

Marriage can be delayed till 30. Romance may take a back seat in marriage
and marriage can be full of responsibilities.

Saturn in Gemini in eighth house/ Saturn in Gemini in 8th house:

Relationship with mother may suffer. Person can take interest in occult and
mysticism in later part of life.

Saturn in Gemini in ninth house/ Saturn in Gemini in 9th house:

The native can criticize their guru at early age. Their religious beliefs
will develop with time. They will feel burdened for higher education or
completing higher education.

Saturn in Gemini in tenth house/ Saturn in Gemini in 10th house:

The person can have distant relationship with father and success comes only after hard work. They can be good judge ,  in government filed or law related field. All good things will happen in career after 30.

Saturn in Gemini in eleventh house/ Saturn in Gemini in 11th house:

The person can have less gain from marriage. Earning comes only after hard work and dedication. The person will get stability in marriage and earning after 35.

Saturn in Gemini in twelfth house/ Saturn in Gemini in 12th house:

They can go to foreign land after lot of hard work and dealing with
obstacles. Stability in foreign land comes after 35.

Any aspects conjunction can alter the result




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