Saturn in Leo in different houses in vedic astrology

Saturn in Leo in different house in vedic astrology

Saturn is restriction, limitations, boundary, delay, frustrations, hard work and labor, service. Saturn is karmic debt of our life. It is the boss of workplace, challenges, lesson of life, old age. In body parts Saturn indicates teeth, bones, diseases, organization, discipline, structure. Leo is the fifth zodiac sign ruled by Sun. Leo is the sign of creativity, love, being on stage. It is the sign of independence, confidence, ego and self esteem. Leo is the sign of feeling like king or queen. The zodiac sign Leo consist of 2 and half nakshatra: Purvaphalguni, uttarphalguni and magha. Here is the detailed analysis of Saturn in Leo in different houses in vedic astrology

Saturn in Leo

The person suffers from low self esteem in early part of life. Creativity, romance and stage performance takes a backseat in life. They fear of being creative as in childhood they failed in creativity. They can have a distant relationship with father as father can have some say on creativity of the person. Father may criticize the person for lack of creativity. The person gains that art of creativity after mid 30. Their dedication towards creativity will only give success after mid 30. Their creativity blossoms after mid 30 and they can attract crowd by their motivational speech. The person recovers his confidence slowly and gradually. They can have weak bones.

If sun is debilitated, damaged or no positive conjunction with Saturn then the person can be in back side or lack confidence or fearful of stage performance throughout life. They do not like limelight though they like the work.

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Saturn in Magha nakshatra would be impacted by position of ketu, in purva phalguni nakshatra would be impacted by Venus , in uttar phalguni nakshatra would be impacted by position of sun.

Lets study Saturn in Leo in all houses

As 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th house are upachya house , it improves with time.

Saturn in Leo in first house/ Saturn in Leo in 1st house:

The person can have a serious outlook in life. They can find it difficult in choosing the right life path in early part of life. They get success only after mid 30. On the other hand, their marriage brings responsibilities and romance can take a backseat.

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Saturn in Leo in second house/ Saturn in Leo in 2nd house:

The person family life can go through transformation in Saturn MD. The person may have hard time saving money in early part of life. They may also face sudden accident that can impact family wealth and health. The in-laws may give trouble to the person so it is better to have a delayed marriage.

Saturn in Leo in third house/ Saturn in Leo in 3rd house:

The person may start his own business in later part of life. They love to write a lot and they speak less. Relationship with younger sibling improves in later part of life after especially 30 . They may not get right education or guru in early part of life and their belief system comes in later part of life.

Saturn in Leo in fourth house/ Saturn in Leo in 4th house:

Mother was strict and disciplined lady. The person can also have a stressful or distant relationship with mother. The person can blow the frustration of workplace at home. Their relationship with mother, education and home improves after mid 30.

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Saturn in Leo in fifth house/ Saturn in Leo in 5th house:

They can be serious about education, creativity and they can have few heartbreaks in 20s . But their education can be blocked or delayed. They realize their creative side after mid 30. Saturn third aspect on seventh house can give a delayed marriage. There can be a delay in childbirth too.

Saturn in Leo in sixth house/ Saturn in Leo in 6th house:

They can be in healthcare or law field. They can be good judge. On the other hand, they can also be in service industry. They will like to serve the underprivileged. However, they may have restricted relationship with maternal relatives. Relationship with father may suffer. On the other hand, Saturn can protect them from diseases and the person should try to avoid legal cases as it can take long.

Saturn in Leo in seventh house/ Saturn in Leo in 7th house:

The person can have a late married life. The spouse is matured and practical. But Marriage comes with a lot of responsibilities. It gives a stable marriage at late 30. Romance takes a backseat and the person can have a practical relationship in marriage.

Saturn in Leo in eighth house/ Saturn in Leo in 8th house:

The person can have a cold relationship with in laws. Transformative events come slowly in life. Joint asset after marriage can also be delayed. It takes time to develop good marriage relationship.

Saturn in Leo in ninth house/ Saturn in Leo in 9th house:

They may not get good teacher in early part of life. Their higher education can be delayed or blocked. They can also have stressful relationship with teacher.

Saturn in Leo in tenth house/ Saturn in Leo in 10th house:

The person needs to put a lot of effort and success in career can only be achieved after 30. The person can be in repetitive job without much application of mind. They can have distant relationship with father and can be critical towards mother. Their marriage can be delayed till mid 30.

Saturn in Leo in eleventh house /saturn in Leo in 11th house:

The person can have a hard time earning money but money may come slowly but steadily. They can also have restricted friend circle or they may not get any help from network circle. They can be in large organization, government or law field.

Saturn in Leo in twelfth house/Saturn in Leo in 12th house:

Saturn in Leo in 12th house stops accessing of foreign land. They may not reach foreign land till mid 30 even if they try. But they can also work in MNC in foreign land. They can have troubled relationship with father.

Any aspect conjunction can alter the result.

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