Saturn in Pisces in different houses in vedic astrology

Saturn in Pisces in different houses in vedic astrology

Saturn is restriction, limitations, boundary, delay, frustrations, hard work and labor, service. Saturn is karmic debt of our life. It is the boss of workplace, challenges, lesson of life, old age. In body parts Saturn indicates teeth, bones, diseases, organization, discipline, structure. Pisces is an water sign and Jupiter rules Pisces . Pisces is the twelfth zodiac sign that represents spirituality, isolated places, imagination etc . It also represents hidden talent, ability to work background, spiritual self, other dimensions . Pisces comprises of two and half nakshatra- purva bhadrapada, uttarbhadrapada, revati nakshatra. Jupiter impact Saturn in purva bhadrapada nakshatra . Saturn in uttarbhadrapada nakshatra would be in its own nakshatra. Mercury impact Saturn in revati nakshatra. Here is the detailed analysis of Saturn in Pisces in different houses in vedic astrology

Saturn in Pisces:

Saturn in Pisces will delay the spiritual progress of the native. The native becomes creative after the age of 30. Spiritual progress starts after 30. At early phase of life they will question spirituality and can be easily influenced by others opinion in spirituality. The person develops his/her creativity and spirituality with continuous dedication and effort.

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Saturn in Pisces in first house/ Saturn in Pisces in 1st house:

The person can find difficulty in choosing the right life path and may need to go through a lot of hardship. They get success after lot of hard work after mid 30. They can achieve success only through hard work, dedication and effort. Till the age of 36, they need to put a lot of effort. Dedication brings success in their life. They can have a delayed marriage. They have a serious outlook in life.

Saturn in  Pisces in second house/ Saturn in   Pisces in 2nd house:

The person will get a family life after 30, they may be in financial crisis in early part of their life. Lot of hard work and labor to make money. Money will grow slowly and steadily. They can also be detached from family life or they lack proper nourishment in early part of their life. They are self made people. A better life in second half with growth of wealth can be expected. They also become aware of the importance of wealth in a person life. They can be sort of miser as they see the hardship in making money.

Saturn in  Pisces in third house/ Saturn in  Pisces in 3rd house:

The person can be a good businessman in later part of life. They may not find good environment in workplace and may not be able to work in a team. They can also have distant relationship with siblings or may not have younger siblings. At the same time, they can have blockage in education in early part of life or education can be in technical or IT related field.

Saturn in  Pisces in fourth house/ Saturn in  Pisces in 4th house:

The native can have restricted relationship with mother or home. Mother can be strict, disciplined. At the same time, they are also strict, disciplined and have a serious outlook in life. There can be arguments and conflicts with mother at early age that improves with time. They can also be away from home or homeland at early childhood.

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Saturn in  Pisces in fifth house/ Saturn in  Pisces in 5th house:

They have a serious outlook of education and education may get blocked for certain time. Romance and fun part of life can also take a backseat. Their creativity blossoms late in life . However, they can have stressful romantic relationship in early 20 and marriage, childbirth can be delayed. Arrange marriage is always suggested. Educational achievement will also come only after hard work.

Saturn in  Pisces in sixth house/ Saturn in  Pisces in 6th house:

It is one of the good placement for Saturn. The person can be a good occultist, doctor, lawyer . At the same time, Saturn restricts the result of dustana houses. They love a routine set up in job and also love to serve the underprivileged people.

Saturn in  Pisces in seventh house/ Saturn in  Pisces in 7th house:

The person must have a delayed marriage till the age of 30. Delayed marriage gives stability and long lasting marriage. At the same time, Spouse can be a government officer, lawyer, judge or smart businessman.

Saturn in   Pisces in eighth house/ Saturn in   Pisces in 8th house:

The native is blessed with a long life. They can be good occultist. But they can have stressful relationship with in-laws that will improve after 30. Delay in Joint asset. They can also be working in government or law related field to help serve people who faces sudden events. Saturn delays transformation in married life. Saturn also gives a lot of indication before transformation in marriage. Spouse can also be cold about love and marriage.

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Saturn in  Pisces  in ninth house/ Saturn in   Pisces in 9th house:

The higher education of the native can get delayed. True belief comes in later part of life through a lot of hardship. They can have trouble in finding gurus in early part of their life. However, they find their gurus only after 30. They can have doubts and criticism for their gurus. Long distance travel can be late but once they starts travelling it will sustain.

Saturn in   Pisces  in tenth house/ Saturn in   Pisces  in 10th house:

The native is workaholic but success in career will be achieved only after hard work in their mid 30. They can have distant relationship with father. They reach authority position only after sheer hard work. At the same time, they are strict and disciplined while dealing with their career. The person must have a delayed marriage. They get all the good things related to career and work in their 30s. But people around them may show a lot of attitude for no reasons.

Saturn in  Pisces in eleventh house/ Saturn in  Pisces in 11th house:

The person can have restricted relationship with friends in early part of life. They may not have elder siblings. They can have hard time earning money in early part of their life so they know the true value of money. Wealth will come slowly and steadily. Hopes and desires will also be fulfilled only after 30. They can also be in law or government field or in high authority position in large organization.

Saturn in  Pisces in twelfth house/ Saturn in  Pisces in 12th house:

The person may not have access to go to foreign land in early part of their life. However, they can also get stuck in foreign land in 20s which improves in 30s. They can work for government or MNC in foreign land. On the other hand, Saturn will restrict the expenses of the native. They can also get their spiritual gurus only after 30.

Any aspects and conjunctions can alter the result.

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