Venus Saturn conjunction in vedic astrology/ Saturn venus conjunction in all houses in astrology

Venus represents women, beauty, desire, love, liquid money, luxury, comforts, conveyance, marriage, relationship, romance, wife in man chart, assets, love, semen, ovaries, genital organs, urinary tract, music, dance, drama, abundance, jewelry, diamond.

Saturn is anxiety, delay, obstruction, limitations, restrictions, bones, teeth, nails, death, diseases, sorrow, misery, hard work, organization, discipline and perseverance. 

Venus Saturn Conjunction

At early stage of life the native may get few heartbreak as Saturn wants to teach them that nothing last for ever. This is the practical world. In this conjunction the native gets suddenly separated from love and relationship as the partner may cheat on them. Slowly, the native is very realistic in relationship. Saturn gives responsibilities of relationship like taking care of family and spouse. The native is very committed in relationship and works very hard. The native approach in a matured way in relationship. The native needs to work in his/her creative field with patience and can expect result only after 30. The native needs to work hard to gain wealth.The native always gets better partner at 30s than 20s. It is always recommended that the native get married after 30 when anyone has this conjunction.

After 30 the native may enjoy a good convenient life. At 30s the native may have a cold/neutral outlook in marriage or the native can be very serious about relationship. The native can be a strict counselor or can work in finance,wealth, creativity.

When Saturn holds lowest degree, it gives fear of rejection or love but later on in life the native is more responsible in relationships. The native would think a lot before approaching creativity/love. When Venus holds lowest degree the native able to express themselves but gets hurt. The scenario remains almost same as Saturn is a huge planet. The conjunction gives a very disciplined, committed life partner.

Now lets study Venus Saturn conjunction in all houses:

Saturn Venus conjunction in first house/ Saturn Venus conjunction in 1st house :

The native is grounded, creative and artistic. The native would be interested in finance, wealth and creativity. Late marriage is good for the native. After gains in career, marriage is expected.

Saturn Venus conjunction in second house/ Saturn Venus conjunction in 2nd house :

The native may have problem in accumulating wealth. The native may have restricted relationship with family members. The native gains wealth after 30.

Saturn Venus conjunction in third house/ Saturn Venus conjunction in 3rd house :

The native can be a businessman in technology or female related product. Restricted relationship with siblings. Gain in business after 30.

Saturn Venus conjunction in fourth house/ Saturn Venus conjunction in 4th house :

The home environment is strict and disciplined. Mother may have hard time growing the child. The native and mother of the native can be extremely creative and runs a home business. It gives a strong foundation of education to the native.

Saturn Venus conjunction in fifth house/ Saturn Venus conjunction in 5th house :

The native is creative and creativity comes only after the age of 30. The native can have delay in children. Education can be in the field of technology or creativity. Heartbreaks at early part of life.

Saturn Venus conjunction in sixth house/ Saturn Venus conjunction in 6th house :

The native can fight over enemies. There can be problem in marriage but result improves after 30.

Saturn Venus conjunction in seventh house/ Saturn Venus conjunction in 7th house :

The spouse of the native is strict and disciplined. Romance takes a backseat and more responsibility in marriage. Gain in career after marriage.

Saturn Venus conjunction in eighth house/ Saturn Venus conjunction in 8th house:

The native is long lived and can be a wealth/ finance manager. Restricted relationship with in-laws. Joint asset after marriage is only after 30.

Saturn Venus conjunction in ninth house/ Saturn Venus conjunction in 9th house :

The native gains in career only after 30. Restricted relationship with father.

Saturn Venus conjunction in eleventh house/ Saturn Venus conjunction in 11th house :

The native has restricted relationship with siblings. The native gains from large organization and interested in humanitarian works too. Good gains only after 30.

Saturn Venus conjunction in twelfth house/ Saturn Venus conjunction in 12th house :

The native works in foreign land in hospitals, jails, asylums. The native gets stuck in foreign land at early phase of life.

Any planetary aspects or conjunctions can alter the result of the conjunction.

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