Separation and divorce in marriage

Separation and divorce in marriage

Marriage is a pure bond of two souls. With time and technology, our present society faces different problems like separation and divorce in marriage. Problems ranges from extra marital affairs, lack of adjustments, ego clashes etc. Earlier also marriage faced those problems but with time, rampant increase in greed, expectations and desires resulted in frequent marriage problems. Today it is very much required that you must know your drawbacks in marriage rather than your partners/spouse.

There is no need to read the article describing the placement of planets responsible for marriage which I will mention below, if you know your drawback and take immediate step. Knowing individual drawbacks always helps and avoid separation and divorce in marriage . Today marriage suffers due to lack of conscience and overlooking own’s mistake. Everyone who believes in astrology is busy in astrological remedies without looking at oneself. As per my opinion “God helps those who helps themselves”.

Five planets for conflicts in marriage:

Now let’s discuss the five planets responsible for conflicts, separation and divorce in marriage :

Role of Sun in separation

The planet is hot in nature. If sun is afflicted, ill placed or connected to 7th house, it will impact the marriage. As Sun is ego, ego clashes and dominating nature can impact the marriage. Sun is a hot planet, the position burns some of the qualities of the house . So, it can lead to heated arguments. If sun is in close conjunction with Venus in 2nd, 4th, 7th, 9th house then qualities of Venus in maintaining relationship may get burnt that can result in further conflicts and separation.

Remedy: Get rid of your ego, do not show authority in marriage, you will find peace in marriage. Spiritual inclination in marriage can be helpful.

Role of Mars in separation:

When Mars is in 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th house, it is called Mangalik dosha. Mars is planet of anger, aggression or physical action. So Mars in 1st and 7th house can lead to physical abuse or too much aggression in marriage. Mars is also weapons, injuries and accidents. So Mars in seventh house can lead to accident and injuries in marriage. If mars is connected to 3rd and 11th house then spouse can be assaulted by in laws family.

Remedies: Keep your voice low while speaking to spouse. If there is a physical aggression or assault, before assaulting you must remember that you will face the consequences in one or other ways. So always better to control. Be careful in road.

Role of Saturn in separation:

Saturn is a cold planet. It is the planet of responsibilities, duties and restriction. So Saturn generally helps to sustain marriage as it is exalted in Libra in seventh house. But early marriage can bring havoc of unpleasant situations in marriage. Saturn is also fear, the naive may fear a lot before getting married. And Saturn takes a long time to give divorce. It can also lead to lack of bed pleasures.Saturn in 1st and 7th house can make one suspicious of spouse that may result in conflicts. It can also result in distant relationship in marriage.

Remedies: Always stay humble and grounded in marriage. High expectations and desires are the only cause to break a marriage when Saturn is placed.

Role of Rahu in separation

Rahu in seventh house can show desire for multiple sexual partners. They cannot be in one relationship for a long time and the person can be very flirtatious.

Remedies: No partner will be perfect. The intention will only be to lower your status in society. Finally the person will get no peace. So greediness and sexual desire needs to be controlled.

Role of Ketu in separation:

The person feels secluded in marriage. Ketu gives separation when conjunct with Mars or Sun in seventh house.

Remedies: These people are not born for marriage as they always feel seclued in relationship and marriage. Meditation can help the person to some extent.

Houses indicating problems in marriage:

2nd house of family, 4th house of home, 7th house of marriage, 12th house of bed pleasure.

Placement of planets for separation:

When lord of the first and seventh house is placed in 6th or 8th house in lagna,moon chart or from Venus.

If the lord of the four houses mentioned above is in inimical sign.

Seventh house lord in 6th house can lead to divorce and if seventh house is conjoined with 6th and 8th house along with malefic separation can happen.

If saturn and rahu is in ascendant afflicted with malefic or lord of dustana houses, separation may happen.

Any aspects, conjunctions, placement of planets in friendly signs can alter the results.

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