Shad ripu in astrology

Nowadays society is about power, lust, fame, greed, competition and less about consciousness, humanity, conscience. Our society is becoming vulnerable due to Shad ripu. People have gone to the extreme low to gain money. But did it make them happy finally? Were they able to have a peaceful sleep? Money is important for daily life but it is not important to leave all the moments of life for money. Shad ripu in astrology is more into effect now. So as per spirituality shad ripu are six enemies of human life. The six enemies are:

  1. Kama(lust): Lust for any material or sex and chasing things uncontrollably is kama or lust. Venus causes Kama.
  2. Krodha(Anger): Mars controls Anger. Anger is bitter feeling , it is also the feeling of resentment, grudges and vengeance.
  3. Lobha(Greed): Lobha/Greed is the excessive desire to gain wealth and Rahu causes greed.
  4. Mada (Intoxication): Saturn causes intoxication. Addiction to drugs and alcohol can make us forget our responsibilities of life. It can also lead to forgetting all our moral values.
  5. Moha(Illusion): Ketu causes illusion and also dissatisfaction. All our materialistic desires are moha.
  6. Matsarya(Covetousness): Mercury causes jealousy. Jealousy can lead to lack of appreciation and humility.

Jupiter, Sun, Moon are satvic planets and so they do not govern any shad ripus. Every individual in society should control Shad ripu. Shad ripu can be one of the major cause of low morals in society. Nothing can stop the growth of human beings if Shad Ripu is controlled.

Control of Shad ripu can give good moral values to society and of course we will evolve as human with highest consciousness.

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