Shakat yoga

Shakat yoga

What is shakat yoga?

Shakat yoga is formed when Jupiter and moon are sixth, eighth and twelfth position from each other. As sixth, eighth and twelfth are dustana houses and if moon and jupiter are in 6-8-12 relationship than it forms the yoga. The yoga is termed as malefic yoga.

But is it always malefic?

The yoga is formed by two benefic planets and benefic planets always tries to give good result even if Jupiter or moon is functional malefic or unless the planets are afflicted. So we cannot mention it as completely malefic yoga.

For example: moon in Taurus and Jupiter in Sagittarius.Though it is 6-8 relationship but it still tries to give good result as they are in their exalted and own sign.Mukut yoga is another yoga when the same combination works but it will always try to give good result.

When shakat yoga is malefic?

Shakat yoga malefic impact is possible when the yoga is in 6th, 8th and 12th house and when planetary dignities are bad.

For eg. Moon in scorpio and jupiter in gemini

Jupiter in Capricorn and moon in Gemini.

Will married life gets affected?

Yes, some upheavals can be there if shakat yoga has malefic impact. But if Jupiter and moon are in kendra or trikona in friendly signs, the result can be negligible.

Remedies for shakat yoga

If moon is in 6th,8th and 12th house then you can do meditation. There is not much remedy for the yoga.

The benefic or malefic result is only possible if the native is running through the dasha and antardasha of the planets.

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