Sonali Bendre horoscope analysis

Sonali Bendre horoscope analysis

Sonali Bendre horoscope analysis

Sonali Bendre is a distinct personality in film industry. Here is a detailed horoscope analysis of Sonali Bendre.

She is a Pisces ascendant. Pisces ascendant are generally spiritual personality.


Her 1st lord and 10th lord is in 12th house shows that she can settle outside her birthplace or can find peace in foreign land. It also shows that her father can travel continuously.

Mars, Rahu, ketu

Sonali Bendre is a distinct personality of Bollywood. She was also quite unique and beautiful with an athletic body and sharp features.

The planet responsible for athletic body is mars. Mars with lagna lord or lagna or aspecting the lagna always gives a beautiful athletic body to the native . Mars aspects her lagna lord Jupiter and strongly placed in its own sign.

She has mars as second and ninth lord and mars is in 9th house forming strong dhanyoga. Mars is in its own sign of Scorpio. She also has Debilitated Rahu placed with lord of Scorpio (Mars and ketu) .

ketu is aspecting Rahu. Hence rahu became more powerful . She can dig deep or research a lot on religion, philosophy. On contrary it can also show that she may not believe religion and philosophy in early part of life but after 31 she started getting interest in the same.

It can also show that she may have opinion differences with father or teachers. Rahu also gave her fame.

Taurus sign rules her third house of hobbies and acting. But Ketu is afflicting her Taurus sign. It shows that she can have two phases of acting or business as career and she can also change her career multiple times.


She has Venus as 3rd and 8th lord. Venus is in 11th house of gain . It shows gains from self effort, acting skills and hobbies. Ketu afflicted her 3rd house and aspect 7th, 11th house.

She has Venus in Capricorn sign. That also shows creative skills at work. Her Saturn is in fourth house in sign of Gemini .

It shows she worked hard on her own skills and Jupiter also aspects her 5th and 7th house that shows optimistic attitude in creativity, acting skills.


She has mercury as 4th and 7th lord. Mercury is also in tenth house of career. It shows a career oriented person, sort of workaholic. She has 7th lord placed 10th house from itself.

It shows highly educated and philosophical spouse. Communication is important in their marriage.

Her yogakaraka planets are Jupiter and mercury. Mercury is the planet for acting skills and communication. Seventh house is 10th from 10th house of fame.

So seventh house is also considered as house of fame and masses . Mercury is a yogakaraka planet in her horoscope. It rules the seventh house of other people or masses.

Mercury and sun are placed together in her birth chart. This shows fame and recognition in workplace and among masses. Sun also brightened up her acting skills.

Sun is the lord of 6th house in her horoscope and placed in a friendly sign in 10th house. It shows she is very competitive and can beat her competitors.


Mercury along with Sun in 10th house gave her fame. Mercury is her amatyakaraka and is responsible for communication and acting skills. She has leo sign in her sixth house. She has Sun in 10th house in sign of Sagittarius . This shows she can fight her enemies, obstacles and diseases.


She has Saturn in her 4th house and it is the lord of her 12th house. So there is a connection between 4th and 12th house in her birth chart. It shows her mother may have connection with foreign land.

It also show strong educational foundation. Saturn aspect Sun and mercury in her chart. This shows that she worked quite hard to set the ladder of success.

Saturn in 4th house also shows that she had a strong educational foundation.


She has moon in her fifth house and it shows emotional attachment with children. Moon in fifth house also gave her a lot of fame.

Moon is also her atmakaraka and well placed in 5th house shows gain from creative and speculative business.

Placement of moon in 5th house shows gain from hobbies, interests, skills, acting. Rahu aspecting moon also shows that she can gain good fame as 5th house is also house of fame.

Best spiritual books

Best spiritual books


Rahu mars conjunction can give disease like cancer. She got the disease during Mars mahadasha and rahu antardasha.

Sun mercury conjunction form buddha aditya yoga but as Sun is holding the lowest degree mercury is getting combust so the yoga is not so strong in her chart. A combust mercury can give health issue to the native.

Moon lagna

As per moon lagna she has Venus on 7th house from moon that gave her a good married life. Rahu and mars placed in 5th house from moon shows fame and good creative skills.

Her ketu is 11th from moon that shows she may feel detached from network circle and friends. She has sun mercury in 6th house shows beating competitor through her communication and acting skills.

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